Black Friday for the DIYer

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Here are my top Black Friday choices for tools or other items for the DIYer in your life:


Home Depot Picks

I got this miter saw for my husband two Black Fridays ago and we both LOVE it.  Perfect for making straight or angle cuts on thinner width pieces of wood.


This awesome DeWalt drill.  DeWalt is my favorite because the they are so solid, but there are lots of other good brands and great prices available on Black Friday.


A Dremel! I picked one up last Black Friday and it has been so useful for so many projects.  Among other things, we drilled a new lock hole in a door, cut tile, and fixed a window pane molding.


While you’re getting the Dremel, pick up this useful accessory kit!


A “gizmo” ladder, as my dad calls it.  It has a bunch of different positions, making it super useful.  Harbor Freight has one for the same price too!


If you’re not ready to invest in the gizmo ladder yet, pick up this step stool.  Perfect for painting the ceiling trim and other odd jobs around the house.


If you have any plans to replace your bathroom faucet, this is an amazing deal!


Sears Picks

Another great deal on a DeWalt drill.


You’ll need a tool chest for all those tools.


I purchased this one for my husband a few years ago on Black Friday and it has held up great.  Super solid and stores a lot.


Lowes Picks

Another option for that DeWalt drill.


A great multi-position ladder.



Here is that tool chest again.


These sawhorses are a great deal, and they come with handy clamps!


 I agree, who needs two tape measures?  Except why can I never find mine?


An extension ladder for those high places.



Another option for a step ladder.

Last, pick up a headlamp.  The stores almost always have them for cheap on Black Friday, and they are just so handy to have.

And don’t forget to check the sales ads for your local hardware store.  Those guys are invaluable for know-how, and this is a great time to support them.

Happy DIYing!

Black Friday for the DIYer

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