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Do you feel overwhelmed with everything that you need to get done?

As a type A stay at home mom, my head is constantly swimming with things that I need to do, want to do, or should do. 

For example, we just got back from Christmas travels with two extra bags full of presents that need to all have new homes.  This necessitates getting rid of old things to make places for these new items.   Additionally, its January, meaning my Pinterest and Facebook are full of decluttering posts.  I desperately need and want to declutter. 

Also, my house is a disaster.  After just getting back from traveling, I have clothes to put away, clothes to wash, a dishwasher to unload and reload, and general stuff to put away. 

In addition, my house project for last month was to paint the trim on the first floor, and due to an unexpected house guest, we did not get it done.  This puts off my house project for this month, which is retiling the master bathroom. 

And last, my kids want to play with all of their new toys.  This means I have to put things together, open boxes, and actually play with them or show them how do play with their new toys. 

Oh, and I have a six month old who wants held all day. 

Do you know what I got done today? I showered, fed my kids, and got them where they needed to go.

All things that needed done, but none of the things that I wanted to do, or that weigh heavy on my Type A psyche.  

When I feel overwhelmed, like I do right now, I like to plan. 

Even though I’m not actually accomplishing anything by doing so, it helps me not feel overwhelmed.  I break everything down into steps and so I have specific starting points and actionable items that I can cross off a list.

My free bullet journal printable is my favorite way to plan my life.

It has sections for me to put my all of my projects, things that I HAVE to do each month, goals for saving or budgeting, any random ideas that I have and want to remember, and more.  I also included a calendar on it, because I like to be able to see my month at a glance.  I use it for the extras, like doctors appointments or playdates, because this is the stuff that I would forget if I didn’t have it written down.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Want some help planning your life?

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Free Bullet Journal Printable

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