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Self Care for Busy Moms in 25 Minutes or Less

Self Care for Busy Moms

As a mom of three young children, my days are busy!  I am constantly cleaning up messes, getting someone something, changing a diaper, or organizing an activity (or room!).  Because of this, I don’t have a lot of time for self care.  Its just not a luxury that I have, unless I specifically make time for it.

Some days, I get lucky and have a longer period of time to myself during the rare occasions when they all fall asleep at the same time.  But on most days, I find that even when I do something little, like light a candle, I instantly feel a little lift.  For three seconds, the noise of my kids disappears, the mess around me fades from my view, and I can breathe.  See, mama, self care doesn’t have to mean a trip to the spa or a child-free shopping extravaganza.  It can just mean taking a few seconds to yourself.

And self care for busy moms is so important!  It makes you a calmer, more grounded mama.  It helps you refocus on what is really important instead of being caught up in the craziness.  It lets you reconnect with yourself.  So for you busy mamas, who don’t have hours of time to engage in self care, here are few of my favorite ways to bring balance to my life, even if its just for a second.

Self Care for Busy Moms – 15 ideas that take less than 25 minutes!

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Put on music.

For you mamas that never think to put music on, try it out!  On days when I just can’t handle one more thing, I put on some music and instantly feel better.  Before I know it, I’m singing and dancing along, and my kids are happier too.

Light a candle.

Seriously, just light a candle and watch the flame for a few seconds.  Breathe.


You can do this in as little as a minute!  Praying allows you to connect with someone greater than yourself, lay down your burdens, and focus on what really matters.


Diffusing your favorite, calming oil can be a great little stress reliever on a hectic day.

Drink a warm drink while doing nothing else.

Unprecedented, right?  Try it.  You’ll feel like a million bucks when you’re done!


You’re probably already on the floor with your kids, so take a minute or two and stretch your body.  Stretching increases your blood flow, reduces muscle tension and increases your energy level.  And all of us mamas need more energy!

Color while your kids color.

Mama, maybe you don’t have a kid free moment today.  So take a moment while they’re with you.  Give them their coloring books, and pull out one of your own.  These adult coloring books are really satisfying, sort of like completing a 1000 piece puzzle (except we can’t do that because our kids would wreck it every time we got two pieces together).  It may take you several days to finish one, because, lets be honest, your kids won’t color for THAT long.  But you’ll get to do something just for you for a few minutes.

Play with playdoh.

Along those lines, if you need to squeeze self care in while your kids are there (which we all have to do from time to time!), get yourself a ball of playdoh and just roll it around your hands.  Its so relaxing!  Your kids are occupied and your getting a tiny bit of me-time in.

Take a bath.

On those days that you can spare some time without the littles, take a long bath.  Throw in a bath bomb, close your eyes and let the scent take you away.

Do your hair.

Some days, I just get tired of feeling like I look never nice.  So take a minute and curl your hair.  Or try out a new make up routine.


Write down your thought, your dreams, cute things your kids said, things you want to work on, etc.  Just getting stuff out feels so good.  Plus, you’ll have a record for later when you want to remember what it was like when you had your littles.

Paint your nails.

I love Jenna Hipp nail polish because its 5 free, and it dries really quickly.  Both of these things are important with young kids around.

Read a book.

Here are a few recent New York Times best sellers.

Call an old friend.

You know, one of those old friends who just gets you.  No explaining, no drama, just good old conversation.


On those days (or years) when you can’t get to the gym, do a quick workout at home.  I’ve use Shaun T workouts before, and they really kick your butt!  This one in particular is done in 25 minutes – my kind of workout!

Self care for busy moms is so important!  So take a few moments for yourself today, even if its just to stretch on the floor next to your kids, and see if you don’t feel like a whole new mama!

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Self Care for Busy Moms

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