Stocking Stuffer Idea for Him:  The Safety Razor

Stocking Stuffer Idea for Him: The Safety Razor

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Need a great stocking stuffer for a man?

Let me introduce you to the safety razor.

This is literally how your grandpa shaved in WWII.  Little has changed in the design.  Safety razors consist of a sleek metal stem and curved metal housing that holds replaceable razor blades.  Instead of starting his day with a cruddy plastic throw away razor, give your hubby a chrome finished cutting tool to conquer his first battle.  (I find relating everything to warfare is a communication hack when talking to my significant other and son.)  The razor blades are very reasonable and there are tons of manufacturers that vary the blades to the shaver’s preference.

Now, the sharp blade can result in a few nicks until you get the hang of it. But don’t be overly concerned.  My assumption is that the “safety” in safety razor refers to the guard around the blade to minimize cuts.

Now for the best part.

The real advantage is that the cheap cost of a fresh blade makes it affordable to get a close shave everyday.  A pack of 100 blades sells for less than $10 on Amazon, making it about a penny per blade!   Since, one blade lasts him about 2 weeks, the savings are amazing.

My husband has been happy with his Merkur for years, but I am also happy to show you these American made options

Need some accessories?

They make cool stands to hold the razor, travel cases, and special brushes and soap to whip up a barber quality lather.

One more note, ladies.

Not only is this is great stocking stuffer for him, safety razors can be used for shaving legs, armpits, and other unmentionables. You can find long-handled safety razors just for this purpose.

Check them out, and let me know what you think!

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