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Courses for Blogging Success

Are you interested in running a successful blog?

There is so much to learn about blogging.  RSS, CSS, SEO… it almost has it’s own language!

When I started my blog, I waded through article after post after YouTube tutorial trying to figure out everything that I needed to know.  Once I had a few posts up, I kinda thought people would just find my blog and love it.  If I produced amazing content, the followers would come, right?

Turns out, it doesn’t exactly work that way.

It actually takes a ton of hard work, and there is an incredible learning curve.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you have any questions, please see my disclaimer page.

Let’s begin with how to even START a blog… well, you need to get a good, fast host. I use SiteGround. Their customer service is second to none, and I have never had any downtime on my blog. Check them out here.

Once you’re done with that first step, you’re on your way! But there is still a ton to learn.

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve learned 3 critical lessons.

To save you the hassle of learning them the hard way like I did, I’d love to help you out!

Lesson 1: Be careful who’s advice you follow.

When I started blogging, I followed the advice of whoever I stumbled upon on the internet. I tried various things, without any sort of targeted approach.

And, ultimately, I spun my wheels focusing on all the wrong things. For 18 months.

Eventually I was introduced to a facebook group that had amazing bloggers in it.

People who were seasoned bloggers who do actual research. I rubbed shoulders with them in blogging Facebook groups, and learned from their experiences. They were wealths of knowledge who wrote courses teaching me how to do exactly what they were doing to find such success.

So that YOU don’t have to spin your wheels trying to figure out what to do to make your blog work, I’d love to share the three courses (and people) that helped me find success. Keep reading for more on that.

Lesson 2: Learn SEO Early

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, basically means that you write your posts with keywords that will do well on Google.

Once you learn how to do it, it’s not hard. BUT it is critical to the longterm success of your blog.

This is because all streams of traffic go through ebbs and flows, algorithm changes, and more… meaning that you want to have multiple ways of attracting visitors to your site.

Without going into it to much, Google traffic is also typically BETTER traffic. They are more engaged readers because they are really interested in what you have to say. They searched for a question on Google, and found you with the answer. So they want to hear that answer.

Pinterest readers, on the other hand, likely just ended up on your site because you made a great pin that drew their attention. They are probably at least somewhat interested in the topic, but they are probably not SO interested that they are trying to take action (like click a link to Amazon or buy an ebook you’re selling).

So, learn SEO early, and from someone who knows that they’re talking about. I’ll tell you which course on SEO I found to be the best below.

Lesson 3: Solve problems.

If you’re starting a blog, you’re going to spend a lot of time writing content.

Write the right kind of content.

When I started blogging, I thought that people would find my website and read what I wrote. I tried to be engaging, entertaining, and helpful.

But I didn’t realize how specific I had to be.

I wrote a review of the cell phone company I use. It saves me a ton of money. That’s helpful, right? No one ever came to that post. They weren’t intrigued by, “How I Save Money On My Phone Bill.

After I learned a thing or two, I started writing different kinds of content. For example, “How to Paint High Ceilings.” That is a specific problem that people need to know how to handle. So they come to that post, read it, and then buy an extension pole from Amazon that will solve their problem.

So whether you’re wanting to start a blog from scratch, or you are looking to dive more in depth with Pinterest or SEO, here are the top courses I’ve found (which are largely responsible for any blogging success I’ve had!).

Starting a blog?

Get Traffic Boost Bootcamp.

It is the best course I’ve found for starting a blog. It’ll take you from set up to growth, ensuring a solid foundation for your blog (and ensuring that you don’t make a million mistakes that you have to fix later!).

Along my blogging journey, I have had a million questions.

  • What site should I use to host my blog?
  • How do I pick a niche?
  • What if I run out of post ideas?
  • What does SEO mean?
  • How do I know what keywords I should use?
  • How can I get people to view my blog?
  • How can I get people to actually subscribe to my blog?
  • What social media do I need for my blog?
  • How can I use Pinterest to promote my blog?

Traffic Boost Bootcamp answers all these questions (and more)!

Traffic Boost Bootcamp is great for people who are thinking about starting a blog, people who have a young blog that needs some TLC, or for people who have a great blog but aren’t seeing the traffic that they hoped to have.

In addition to answering all of the questions above (and more!), Traffic Boost Bootcamp will teach you the following:

  • How to start your blog.
  • How to customize your blog.
  • How to increase your pageviews.
  • How to use Tailwind.
  • What, when and how to pin on Pinterest for maximum effect.
  • What you need to do to have lasting traffic.
  • What things are a waste of your time.

Seriously, friends.  Traffic Boost Bootcamp is such a valuable course for a beginning blogger.

There is no easier or more time efficient way to learn how to start and/or grow your blog.

Need some Pinterest help?

Pinteresting Strategies is the course for you!

It helped grow my traffic from a few hundred views a month to tens of thousands IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS.

It will teach you how to master Pinterest. Instead of pinning dozens of pins a day, aimlessly, without a plan, this course will teach you how to pin effectively and efficiently.

Carly Campbell, who is the author of this course, makes it a nearly full time job to study Pinterest and experiment with her pins and boards. This means that she figures out how to roll with the Pinterest algorithm changes faster than almost anyone.

She also has a really amazing Facebook group, full of super smart bloggers, where you can ask questions and get the answers you need.

Since Pinterest is the fastest way to get traffic to your blog, this course is an investment that you should make today. Pinteresting Strategies was the true game changer for me. It took my blog from a casual hobby to something so much more rewarding – and it can do the same for you!

Ready to dive into SEO?

Learn from the master. Mike, at Stupid Simple SEO, will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about mastering SEO, finding keywords you can rank for, and getting into the top search results of Google.

Stupid Simple SEO (SSSEO) helped me understand what my audience was most interested in, who my direct competitors were, and what keywords I could rank for. Mike walks through how to find new topics to write about within your niche, and how to write an epic post that will be sure to get you noticed by Google. Stupid Simple SEO was the key for me getting noticed by Google, and ranking for SO MANY keywords that I wasn’t before taking the course.

My favorite take away from Stupid Simple SEO is that I now have a plan for my blog. Instead of wasting my time trying different things that I am not sure will work, I now know exactly what to do to get results.

SEO is something that builds over time. The sooner you learn how to use SEO properly on your blog, the faster you will grow your search engine traffic. So take Stupid Simple SEO as soon as possible.

To summarize, Stupid Simple SEO is expensive, but WORTH EVERY PENNY. So check it out today!

If you’re not quite ready to do a deep dive on SEO (or shell out that much cash), Debbie Gartner has an SEO book that is a great resource. It goes through all the main points of SEO and will definitely help get you on the map, so to speak.

I used this book prior to purchasing SSSEO and I still use the lessons I learned from it today. The information is presented is easy to follow, with clear language, and the book even gives you a format for writing your posts!

It is priced MUCH cheaper than SSSEO, because it is more of a primer and less of a deep dive. It is still excellent information, and an amazing starting place! Check out Easy On Page SEO here!

Here are the courses one more time.

Traffic Boost Bootcamp – Learn How To Start A Blog (and more!).

Pinteresting Strategies – Learn How to Get Traffic From Pinterest.

Stupid Simple SEO – Learn How To Get Traffic From Google.

Easy On Page SEO – Intro to SEO.

The are hands down the best investments I’ve ever made in my blog. If you’re serious about blogging, do yourself a favor and sign up for one today!

Thanks for sharing!