Hi!  I’m Lauren, and I’m so happy you’re here!

I am a seasoned DIYer and home improvement enthusiast!  I love to buy homes that need cosmetic updates and turn them into my family’s dream home!  My husband and I do almost all of the work ourselves, learning new tricks and tips along the way.  I love to share these projects with you because I am confident that if we can remodel our home with good old fashioned hard work, you can too!  We started out 6 years ago without special skills or knowledge, but have learned a ton through trial and error, DIY tutorials, and the advice of our knowledgeable fathers.  If you’re interested in fixing up your home and updating your decor, check out my Updating Your Home page.  

In addition to fixing up homes, I move a lot!  This has given me several opportunities to sell my homes without a realtor, saving me thousands of dollars.  To date, I have sold three homes FSBO, in a variety of housing markets, in three different states.  If you’re interested, in selling your home without a realtor, check out my Selling Your Home page.  It will walk you through everything I have learned about selling homes.  

And finally, I am first and foremost a mother!  Since I have worked many years as a behavior analyst, and now have the personal experience of raising three beautiful children, I love to share my motherhood and family life journey with you.  Check out my Life At Home page for tricks and tips for the toddler years and inspiration for the mom life.  

Thanks so much for taking a look around!