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A Review of Red Pocket Mobile Phone Service

Want cheaper cell phone service?

We all want do, but there has never been a clear way to get it without sacrificing coverage, reliability, and customer service.

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My husband has spent countless hours researching the different third party carriers.

At one point, I actually purchased a Straight Talk phone and a minutes card.  After, I called my major carrier to terminate my plan and they were suddenly able to reduce my rate to $100/month, which was only about $10 more than I would have paid on Straight Talk.  So I returned the phone to Walmart (which was not easy due to their policies on returning phones) and sold the minutes card on Craigslist at a small loss.  I continued on with my major carrier for another 3 years.  A few months ago, I found my husband, again, researching third party carriers.  I grumbled about the years of his life we have lost while trying to find a cheaper cell phone plan, and told him, “There is no golden goose!  Stop wasting your time!”

The next morning, I walked into the kitchen to him excitedly saying, “I found the golden goose!”  And, folks, he had.

Red Pocket Mobile

It is a third party carrier that uses all of the major networks for their coverage, meaning you can choose the major carrier network that you want, but pay a fraction of the cost.

Oftentimes, you are able to use your current phone.  You can check it on Red Pocket’s website by inputting the MEID and SIM number and they will tell you if it is compatible.  They have a variety of plans that start at $10/month and go up to $60/month for a single phone.  They also have family plans now.

I wanted to stay with Verizon coverage.  I have had it since I was sixteen, and have never had an issue with dead spots.  So I chose to use Red Pocket’s CDMA service, which basically means Verizon.

My phone was an iPhone 5 (yes, it was five years old… but as a relentless lover of my wallet, I wanted to use it until it died), and was not compatible with Red Pocket’s service.  The good news was that Red Pocket was running a special that included a free iPhone 4.

Free sounded good, so my husband and I both ordered our iPhone 4s and the $30/month service.  This plan would give each of us unlimited talk and text and 3 GB of data, equaling $60 a month for both of us and a net of 6 GB of data, which what we were getting from Verizon for $100/month.

The price was right, now how about the coverage…


Truly, the SAME as Verizon.  In fact, when I set my phone up, the recorded voice said, “Welcome to Verizon Wireless.”  This confused me and I continued to try over several days while getting this same recorded voice until I finally contacted customer service and they said that this was correct.  So I really am getting Verizon coverage.

Did you notice what I said up there?

I contacted Red Pocket’s customer service.  They have customer service that you can talk to and they will help you with any issues you have.  This was one of my major reservations with switching to a third party carrier.  Admittedly, I had some technical difficulties with using Red Pocket’s phone customer service.  Repeated attempts ended in the call being lost prior the conclusion of the call or the issue.  Thankfully, they also have a customer service chat line.  The friendly specialists have been great at understanding my issues and resolving them for me.  They have been quick, easy to work with, and are able to look through notes on your previous communications with them.

Since I have been up and running with Red Pocket, I have not had to contact customer service at all with questions or concerns, but while getting set up, I was a regular on their chat service due to my inexperience with anything other than Verizon.  Wait times during the day were pretty non-existent, but they can get a little backed up in the evening due to traffic on the site.

So all in all, I give a resounding YES to Red Pocket Mobile.

Great price, great coverage and great customer service.

Look one more time at the cost savings.

One year with Red Pocket 3GB of data and unlimited talk and text for two phones (6GB total) = $720

One year with Verizon with 6GB of data and unlimited talk and text for two phones (6GB shared) = $1200 (and that is WITH an employee discount and some sort of old phone discount)

That is a total savings of $480 a year. 

If I had switched three years ago when my husband first started searching, we would be almost $1500 richer now.

So think it over and let me know if you decide to make the switch!

Update: If you order your SIM card from Red Pocket’s EBay store, and choose the year of service option, it brings the price down to $30 a month and you get 10GB of data instead of 3GB for a GSMA phone (that means AT&T)!

So my husband and I now have a years worth of service with 10GB per month of data, for $30 per month!  There is a catch, which is actually a good thing in my perspective.  You have to buy a year’s worth of service.  So you are paying $360 dollars for this plan up front, but you have it for the whole year.  This means you don’t have to worry about adding minutes each month!  The down side is you have to shell out $360 dollars at once to get this deal.  All in all, I would much rather pay for my plan up front so I don’t have to worry about when my plan runs out!  Plus, I got an extra gig of data out of it!

And last, just in case you are wondering, this is NOT an affiliate post and we do NOT get any sorts of commission off of this!  I just wanted to spread the amazing deal that we found to all of my frugal friends out there!

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