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The 5 Best Cleaning Tools for Your House

Do you feel like your house has too much mess and too little time to clean it? Me too!

Or at least, I used to.

Now that I have found these five things, cleaning my house is quick and easy to clean.

And yours could be too!

As a stay at home mom, I have searched high and low for the best cleaning tools for my home. I have had steam mops, Sharks, Swiffers, and even those reusable sticky rollers that are sold at Sam’s from time to time (don’t buy them… they’re really not as useful as the sales pitch says they are).

I have three kids under the age of 6. These kids make messes like its their job! Not a day goes by when I don’t need to sweep, vacuum, wash the floor, wipe junk off the walls, and wash clothes. Some days, I feel like I could literally spend all day just cleaning my house.

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So I’ve made it a priority to find the best, easiest to use, and most efficient tools to clean my house.

There are a few cleaning tools that have been complete game changers for me – my top five cleaning tools. This is pretty much an exhaustive list of what I use to clean my house. Sure, from time to time I may need a shop vac cause I have a wet mess than needs sucked up, or a specific situation may call for a specialty cleaning product, but overall, these five things are all I use to get my house sparkling clean.

Here are my top five cleaning tools to get your house sparkling clean!

The only five tools you need to clean your house from top to bottom!

Dyson V7 Absolute cordless vacuum

Folks, I love my Dyson V7 Absolute. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. I seriously consider taking it on trips with me, thats how much I love it. Let me tell you why it has been a complete game changer for me.

First, its versatile. I can use it anywhere. It comes with multiple cleaning heads so that you can clean about anything. The base, long stick and attachment heads are all separate pieces, meaning that if you want to vacuum your car, you can just take the base down to your car with an attachment head and go to work.

Second, it is light, easy to use, and doesn’t have a cord. It goes for 30 minutes on one charge and then just shuts off until its recharged. For me, 30 minutes is more than enough time to vacuum my whole house, and even use the special crevice tools to go along the edges of my carpet and get under the oven and the couches. It never loses suction as the battery drains, and has a special extra powerful sucking setting that gets really ground in substances (ahem, makeup, thanks to my baby’s curious hands) out of carpet.

Third, it is easy to empty the debris cup, and I have never had to reach my hand in to get the debris out (meaning it is much more hygienic than any of the other vacuums I have owned). Oh, and the suction on it is better than any vacuum I have ever used.

Seriously, if you are in the market for a new vacuum, or just want your life to be so much easier, get this vacuum.

I look forward to vacuuming now. I love that I don’t have to move the cord from one place to another. I love that I don’t have to use my broom anymore. It is the best. It makes having a clean floor possible for me, which is saying something with three my semi-pro mess makers!

Now, just in case you’re curious about the different models that Dyson carries…

I did a lot of research before buying this vacuum. Dyson has several different versions of cordless vacuums, but I chose the V7 because of the 30 minute battery life, the special hygienic debris cup (which is reportedly easier to use than the V6’s), and because the price point was closer to where I wanted to be. The V8 is arguably better because the battery lasts longer (40 minutes), but the price jump was more than I was willing to pay since it does not have any additional features.

One more note on which version of the Dyson you should get.

It comes in a variety of different options (Animal, Fluffy, Absolute, etc,). After a lot of deliberation, I purchased the Absolute, and this is the one I would most recommend. The Absolute comes with all of the different head attachments meaning you can use it anywhere. The Animal only has the carpet cleaning head. The Fluffy only comes with the hard surfaces cleaning head. You truly need both. The carpet cleaning head will spread large debris on your hard surfaces instead of picking them up, and the Fluffy does not have bristles to get things out of your carpet. So, if you’re wondering which to get, definitely choose the Absolute.

Bona Premium Spray Mop

The second best cleaning tool for your home is a Bona Spray Mop. I’ve tried other spray mops, and they just do not compare to the Bona. It has a wider spray pattern and wider head, meaning it takes less time to wash your floor. It comes with two washable mop pads, meaning you are not creating waste every time you wash your floor, or running to the store for more mop pads. It doesn’t leave streaks like other cleaners or spray mops I have used. Also, the solution tank is refillable, and you can refill it with whatever you prefer to wash your floor with. The Bona hardwood floor cleaner is amazing, but typically, I just refill my Bona spray mop with a vinegar and water solution for a cheaper option.

Another reason that I love my Bona mop is because of Bona’s customer service. I had an older version Bona spray mop that stopped working, so I contacted customer service and they immediately sent me a newer version one, no questions asked.

The Bona spray mop has been great for me, because its always ready, easy to store, easy to refill, and just all around convenient!

Bissel Little Green Proheat

Dirty carpet? Kids smeared chocolate on your white couch? Dog threw up on the rug? A Bissel Little Green Proheat is your solution. This portable carpet cleaner is great for upholstery, rugs, car mats, car seats, etc. It is lightweight, and easy to use. I routinely clean my white couch (I know, what was I thinking?), carpets, rugs, and car with it. I have had it for years, and its just a solid little carpet cleaner that keeps my house looking its best.

One helpful note about the Little Green.

Make sure you empty and rinse the dirty tank every time you use it, or else it will start to smell!

Persil Laundry Detergent

I know, laundry detergent isn’t really a cleaning tool, but I just couldn’t list my favorite cleaning tools without including Persil. I love this stuff, and it keeps the fabrics in my house so clean and saves me time.

When I first tried Persil, I noticed that it took all of the stains out of my kid’s clothes without pretreating.

No more pretreating?? That is a huge time saver!

So I got my daughter’s clothes out of storage to use for my second daughter. And it made those two year old, repeatedly washed and dried stained clothes perfectly clean. It took out two year old stains!!! Amazing!

In the past, I had couponed for laundry detergent, but always ended up with cheaper brands that required pretreating, and sometimes multiple washes to get the clothes clean. Additionally, if I didn’t switch my laundry right away, I’d had to rewash it to get the musty smell out.

But when I switched to Persil, which is undoubtably more expensive, I stopped having to pretreat, stopped having to rewash clothes, and stopped getting a musty smell if I let my clothes sit. The stuff smells great and somehow gets your clothes really, really clean without bleaching out the colors.

Its completely worth the extra expense to me, because while I’m spending more on the upfront purchase, I’m not spending money to rewash and pretreat.

A Spray Bottle and Vinegar

Yep, a simple spray bottle and vinegar round out my list of best cleaning tools for your home.

I use a vinegar and water mix to clean everywhere in my house. Tables, chairs, showers, toilets, shelves, stainless steel appliances, sinks, and on and on. I spot clean my couch and carpets with it from time to time. I have used it to kill mold in the basement. It even works on mirrors. Oh, and if you get a musty or stinky smell on your couch (or anywhere), spraying it with vinegar will remove the smell (once it dries). It is the best all-purpose cleaner around and it even has sanitizing properties.

The vinegar smell can be aversive to some, but the smell completely evaporates once the surface is dry, and some people like to fragrance their solution with essential oils.

So there you have it! The 5 best tools for cleaning your home.

These are seriously all you really need to make your home look as good as new. These are my go-tos, perfect for every day use, for special occasions, when I’m spring cleaning or when I’m getting my house ready to sell.

If you are like me, and have a lot of mess but a little time, these five cleaning tools will make sure you can get your house sparkling while still having the time to enjoy the rest of your life.

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