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Quartz Countertop Care

Caring for a quartz countertop is easy! In fact, quartz countertops are notorious for being low maintenance. This is one of the main selling points of quartz!

Read this guide to caring for your quartz countertops and learn everything you need to know to keep your quartz looking as beautiful as the day it was installed!

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How to Care for your Quartz Countertop

Caring for your quartz countertop properly ensures that it looks amazing for years to come.

When caring for your quartz, you want to make sure that you are getting the best and most accurate information. To help with that, most of the tips included in this article are summarized from quartz manufacturers themselves.

Everyday Cleaning for Quartz Countertops

On your average day, a quartz countertop can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. For example, dishsoap is a great, mild soap product to clean your quartz countertops. Wipe them down with a soft cloth or damp sponge, and rinse with water.

For a caked on mess, lay a wet rag on top for a few minutes to soften the dried food. Once it is soft, it should easily wipe off with your mild soap and water solution.

If you happen to have a mess that isn’t resolved with a simple soap and water routine cleaning, you may need to use a more heavy duty cleanser.

Many quartz manufacturers recommend using a cleaner such as Bon Ami or Barkeeper’s Friend.

If you would like an environmentally friendly cleaner to use on your quartz countertops, a vinegar and water solution at 50/50 dilution is recommended by Ceasarstone. Of course, you will want to check the manufacture of your own quartz countertop to make sure these cleaners are recommended for your specific brand.

Do you need a special cleaner for quartz countertops?

A special quartz cleaning product is not required to keep your countertops looking good.

Several companies do make quartz countertop cleaners though. Most manufacturers do not discuss the use of these, but they come highly recommended by homeowners with quartz countertops.

Overall, the best cleaner for quartz countertops is a mild dish detergent and water, because this type of cleaning is endorsed by all major quartz manufacturers.

Can you use Clorox Wipes on quartz countertops?

Ceasarstone specifically lists Clorox Wipes as a safe-to-use disinfectant for their quartz countertops.

While not all manufacturers list this as a safe cleaner, many users also report that they have used Clorox wipes on their quartz countertops without any problem.

Can I use Windex on quartz?

While Windex isn’t listed on any manufacturers’ websites as being a safe cleaner, many quartz owners report that they use Windex on their countertops.

Is Magic Eraser safe on quartz?

While no quartz manufacturers specifically list a Magic Eraser as one of the safe products to use on quartz countertops, many quartz fabricators and homeowners with quartz countertops say that a Magic Eraser is an effective way to remove stains from quartz countertops.

If you are tempted to try this for a particularly stubborn stain, try it first in an inconspicuous place to ensure the finish remains the same. And, as always, contact your quartz’s manufacturer to make sure this is okay for your specific brand.

Is rubbing alcohol safe for quartz countertops?

Ceasarstone specifically states that rubbing alcohol is safe to use as a disinfectant on their quartz countertops.

If you don’t have Ceasarstone, but feel like you need a more heavy duty disinfectant on your quartz countertops, check with your specific manufacturer to make sure this is safe.

What maintenance is required for quartz countertops?

Quartz Countertop Care

While some natural stones such as marble or granite require sealing or waxing, quartz countertops do not need this type of scheduled maintenance.

This is one of the main advantages of having quartz countertops over a natural stone countertop.

In fact, applying a sealant or wax on your quartz can mess up the finish, so don’t use them!

How do you keep quartz countertops shiny?

To maintain the shine on your quartz countertops, wipe them with a wide circular motion when cleaning them.

While some stones require polish or waxing, remember that quartz countertops do not. Because they are nonporous, a wax or polish will not absorb into the surface at all. You will end up with an uneven finish that is shiny in some places and dull in others.

What should you not use on quartz countertops?

You should never use an abrasive cleaner on your quartz countertops. This includes Brillo pads and Scotch pads, and abrasive detergents like Comet or Soft Scrub.

You should also avoid using corrosive cleaners, or cleaners with chemicals in them.

These will scratch the surface of your quartz countertops and potentially leave a rough finish.

Why is my quartz countertop staining?

stains on quartz countertops

Quartz countertops can stain when a liquid reacts with the resin in the quartz slab, resulting in a discoloration in the surface.

There are several reasons why your quartz countertop may be staining.

First, you may be leaving messes on your countertops too long. As with any countertop, you want to wipe up spills quickly, without allowing them to sit for extended periods.

Second, staining can result from using the wrong cleaners on your quartz. Never use bleach, paint thinners, oil soaps, abrasive or corrosive cleaners on your quartz countertops (unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer).

If you do end up with a stain on your quartz countertops, this is a good time to try to use a manufacturer approved cleaner such as Bon Ami or Bar Keepers’ Friend.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Caring for Quartz Countertops

In addition to properly cleaning your quartz countertops, there are a few other things you need to know to maintain the look and durability of your quartz.

Can you put a hot pan on a quartz countertop?

No, you cannot put a hot pan on quartz countertops. Because quartz is not a natural stone, but is an engineered stone made up of quartz dust and resin, it can crack when exposed to sudden changes in temperature.

To ensure you don’t have this problem, always use a trivet when placing a hot pan or pot on your quartz countertops.

Can you cut on quartz countertops?

No, you cannot cut directly on quartz countertops, as this may scratch the surface of the quartz.

Instead, put down a cutting board prior to chopping or slicing food.

Final Thoughts on Caring for Quartz Countertops

Following the guidelines of recommended care keeps your quartz countertops looking like new for years to come. This includes using only a mild cleaner mixed with water to clean them, avoiding placing hot objects on them, and using a cutting board when chopping meat, fruits and vegetables.

As always, if you have specific questions about removing tough stains, be sure to contact your quartz manufacturer prior to using a harsh agent, as doing so can void your warranty.

quartz countertop cleaning and care

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