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Blue Gray Paint Colors – The Perfect Moody Blues

Blue gray paint colors are shades that have a good mix of blue and gray in them. Blue gray colors are sometimes called gray blues, dusty blues, cloudy blues, moody blues or stormy blues.

Blue gray paint colors are becoming more popular right now. While we used to see a lot of green blue paint colors trending, blue gray paint colors seem to be edging out the lighter, more airy shades. Blue gray paint colors are seeming to provide the subtle calm and serenity that people are wanting.

There are a lot of gorgeous blue gray paint colors out there. In this article, we will discuss the best blue gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr. You’re sure to find a blue gray paint color that you love!

Before we get into the paint color names, let’s discuss some of the ins and outs of blue gray paint colors on a whole, including some frequently asked questions.

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Is Blue Gray a Warm or Cool Color?

Blue gray paint colors are cool colors. The blue undertone in them puts them decidedly in the cool range.

Cool colors are reminiscent of water or the sky. They tend to evoke feelings of peacefulness and relaxation.

Blue grays are no exception. In addition to being calming, blue gray paint colors also feel welcoming. They can range in their appearance, from sophisticated to dramatic to fun, depending on their depth and undertones.

blue gray paint color bedroom

Is Blue Gray Neutral?

Blue gray paint colors can lean more neutral or look more like a color on your walls, depending on the shade you choose.

As we go through the blue gray paint colors that are featured in this post, I’ll try to highlight the ones that are more neutral verses more colorful.

What Colors Go Well with Blue Gray?

Some great accent colors for blue gray paint colors are crisp whites, warm browns, mustardy yellows, sage greens, truer grays and light greiges (blends of gray and beige).

Blue gray paint colors look good with white trim, and also work well with wood trim. In particular, blue gray paint colors work nicely with honey oak, light pine, and reddish woods.

Blue Gray Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams paints colors are some of the best on the market. Here are a few picks for gorgeous blue gray paint colors by Sherwin Williams.

Lullaby – SW Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Lullaby

Lullaby, SW 9136, is a beautiful blue gray paint color that straddles the line between blue in gray. With enough light, it looks much more blue. In limited lighting, it takes on a decidedly gray cast.

Lullaby has a more baby-blue type of blue in it, but the gray in it pulls it back from appearing childish. It is welcoming and light. While Lullaby doesn’t exactly scream sophistication, it can work in a living room or bedroom for someone who wants a light blue gray that isn’t bright or juvenile.

I would consider Lullaby to be a dusty blue. It is hard to say whether it is more of a color or more of a neutral, because it will really depend on your lighting in your home.

Misty – SW Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Misty

Misty, SW 6232, is a subtle blue gray paint color that leans more gray than blue. It has strong blue undertones though, which means that in some lighting it will look blue on your walls. It will never look as blue as a shade like Lullaby though, because it has a much stronger gray base.

Misty has a hint of purple in it as well, but not so much that it should look purple. Instead, this adds to the storminess of this color.

Misty is one of the blue gray paint colors that falls into the neutral category. It will take on more of a neutral and gray tone in dim light. But in cooler, blue toned light, you may see more of the blue peaking out.

Morning Fog – SW Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Morning Fog

Morning Fog, SW 6255, is a blue gray paint color with blue and purple undertones. It is cloudy or stormy in its appearance. This tends to give Morning Fog a sophisticated, chic look.

Morning Fog is a medium shade of blue gray. It isn’t so dark that it is particularly dramatic, but it has a good amount of weight on you walls.

While Morning Fog is not a blue gray paint color that can go in any room, it works really nicely in a space that has enough light to support this shade. It also looks great as an accent wall or half wall with white board and batten.

Morning Fog is also a great color for a home exterior. It looks gorgeous with crisp white trim and black accents.

Morning Fog is featured here on the best gray paint colors list.

Storm Cloud – SW Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Storm Cloud

For a medium blue gray paint color that has a bit more blue in it, check out Storm Cloud. Storm Cloud, SW 6249, is in the darker range of medium paint colors.

Storm Cloud has a hint of purple in its undertones, but it isn’t super purple looking. Storm Cloud definitely takes on a stormy blue look.

Storm Cloud is a great paint color for an exterior or for an accent wall. It can also work in room such as an office or dining room that you want to make look chic and distinct.

Storm Cloud is a blue gray paint color that tends to lean more heavily towards a neutral, as its blue is a bit recessed.

Blue Gray Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has many gorgeous blue gray paint colors. Check out some of the most popular blue grays by Benjamin Moore.

Beacon Gray – BM Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Beacon Gray

Beacon Gray, 2128-60, is a very light, soft blue gray. It is one of the least moody of the blue gray paint colors, in part because of its high LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 66. It has a good bit of baby blue in it, but its toned down significantly by the hint of gray.

In my opinion, it is more of a dusty blue.

In low lighting, Beacon Gray can look just gray, but with enough artificial or natural light, Beacon Gray will show its strong blue tones.

Beacon Gray can go anywhere in the house, but I think it would be really nice in a boy’s room, as it can transition from a more childish space to a more mature bedroom with ease.

New Hope Gray – BM Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - New Hope Gray

New Hope Gray, 2130-50, is more of a mid toned blue gray. It isn’t super light, but it isn’t super dark either. Because of this, New Hope Gray would be great in a bedroom, den, living room, or dining room.

New Hope Gray can look a little more sophisticated that some of the lighter blues, because it has a good bit of depth to it. It doesn’t more towards blue or gray in particular, but instead is a nice balance of the two. This blue gray paint color falls in the cloudy blue range to me – looking much like a storm cloud on a rainy day.

Overall, this blue gray comes across as more of a neutral than a color.

Brewster Gray – BM Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Brewster Gray

Brewster Gray, HC-162, is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection. It sort of an outlier in this grouping of blue gray paint colors. Brewster Gray has lots of blue and lots of gray, but also has a good bit of green in it.

Brewster Gray has a timeless appeal to it, making it appear classic rather than trendy.

This stormy blue paint color is fairly dark, but is still considered a medium depth paint shade.

Brewster Gray is a great paint color to pair with bold white trim or to use as an accent color on cabinets.

Wolf Gray – BM Blue Gray Paint Color

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Wolf Gray

Wolf Gray, 2127-40, is a dark blue gray paint color by Benjamin Moore. It has an LRV of 21, which means it will not reflect much light. It isn’t the darkest paint color, but it is definitely a shade that you will want to support with a nice amount of natural and artificial lighting.

Wolf Gray looks a bit more gray than blue, but it has a lot of blue in it. Wolf Gray falls into the stormy blue range of blue gray paint colors, in my opinion. It tends to look more like a neutral than a blue.

Wolf Gray is a great color for an exterior, and goes nicely with red bricks.

Blue Gray Paint Colors by Behr

Behr paint is sold at the Home Depot, which makes it very convenient for people to purchase. If you aren’t headed to your local Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, here are a few blue gray paint colors for you to check out.

Double Click – Behr Blue Gray Paint Color (found at Home Depot)

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Double Click Gray

Double Click, N530-2, is a blue gray paint color that is fairly light. With an LRV of 64, Double Click will reflect a lot of light.

Double Click has a bit more gray than blue in it, making it more neutral than some of the blue gray paint shades on the list. When you search blue gray paint colors on Behr’s website though, Double Click comes up as their top shade.

Double Click is a dusty sort of blue, and is almost light and airy in its appearance. It can work in any room of your home.

Nor’wester – Behr Blue Gray Paint Color (found at Home Depot)

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Nor'wester

Nor’wester, N470-4, is a medium dark paint color by Behr. It is a cloudy or moody blue that has a good bit of blue, a good bit of gray and a hint of green in it.

Nor’wester is a great paint color for a room with a lot of light and bright trim or wainscoting. It also works great as an accent wall or on a home exterior.

Norwegian Blue – Behr Blue Gray Paint Color (found at Home Depot)

Blue Gray Paint Colors - Norwegian Blue

Norwegian Blue, N470-5, is a beautiful blue gray paint color that definitely classifies as a moody blue. It is sophisticated and classy in its appearance.

This blue gray also has a hint of green in it, making it look a bit stormy.

Norwegian Blue is great on a home exterior, or as an accent in a room. It isn’t a great color for most entire rooms though, as it is very dark.

Blue Gray Paint Colors for Exteriors

The best blue gray paint colors for exteriors are ones that have enough depth in them to not look washed out in the bright sun.

Some of the nicest blue gray paint colors for an exterior on this list are Morning Fog, Storm Cloud, Wolf Gray, Nor’wester or Norwegian Blue. These blues have enough depth to make a statement outside. They would look great with red brick, white trim, and black or bronze accents. They could also be paired with a yellow door.

Blue Gray Paint Colors for Bedroom

Blue gray paint colors are gorgeous in a bedroom.

They look sophisticated while still calming, and promote peaceful sleep. In addition, blue gray paint colors are great transitional shades that don’t look to masculine or too feminine. This makes blue gray paint colors perfect for a master bedroom or guest bedroom.

I tend to favor lighter blue gray paint colors, such as Sherwin Williams Lullaby or Benjamin Moore’s Beacon Gray, for bedrooms because they work in a lot of spaces.

Some mid tone blue grays, such as Morning Fog, Brewster Gray, New Hope Gray, or Nor’wester, are also gorgeous. These paint colors require a little more support from natural or artificial light. So, when selecting a darker paint color, be sure that you have the proper lighting to make the color pop and not look dingy.

What is the perfect blue gray paint color?

The perfect blue gray paint color is going to depend entirely on your home and your lighting.

For example, a blue gray paint color that is paired with blue accents is going to take on a more gray look. In this instance, it might make sense to choose a blue gray that has a bit of extra blue in it to make sure it looks how you want.

It is also important to consider the lighting in your room. In a northern facing room, blue gray paints may come across as a little more dull due to the cool light coming in. If you have very dim lighting, any blue gray paint will look more gray.

Blue Gray Paint

Wondering How To Pick the Perfect Paint Color?

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Then, peel the sheet off your wall and reapply it somewhere else if you like. You can try several different paint colors with no mess, no fuss and no cleaning paint brushes.

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Final Thoughts on Blue Gray Paint Colors

Blue gray paint colors are a great way to get the best of both worlds. With the gray, you get a neutral base that pulls a paint shade back from being too bright. With the blue, you get a color that imparts calm and relaxation into a space.

Altogether, a room with blue gray paint tends to look sophisticated, classic and serene.

If you want a paint color that acts as a neutral but has the personality of a color, blue gray paint colors are a great choice!

Want to see all your paint options in one convenient place? Click here to get everything you need to start painting, including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint color decks!

Blue Gray Paint

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Friday 22nd of October 2021

I have a decent size bedroom with 2 windows. I'm trying to find a blue gray that will go with cappuccino colored bedroom furniture. Is a blue gray a great choice or is there a blue you can recommend?


Sunday 24th of October 2021

Hi Ashley! I can't say for sure if these colors will go with the cappuccino furniture (since I can't see the exact color), but Lullaby, Misty, and Northstar are all nice blue grays.