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Shoreline, by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Shoreline is a light gray paint color that is popular and versatile.

Shoreline is a part of the Classic Color Collection and has the number 1471. It is also included in Benjamin Moore’s Favorites fan deck, which means that it is one of the top 75 paint colors that Benjamin Moore sells.

If you are interested in a soft, neutral paint color, keep reading for all the details on Benjamin Moore Shoreline.

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What Color is Shoreline by Benjamin Moore?

Shoreline Benjamin Moore Paint Drop

As mentioned earlier, Shoreline is a gray paint color. It is a light shade, that looks fairly muted on your walls. This neutral paint color can look elegant, whimsical, traditional, modern or calming.

Some grays are so light that they fall into the off-white range. Shoreline isn’t one of those grays. It definitely shows up as a color on your walls.

What is the LRV of Shoreline?

Shoreline has an LRV of 68. LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. It is a scale that tells how light or dark a paint color is. An LRV of 0 means a paint color is completely black, while an LRV of 100 means a paint color is completely white.

At 68, Shoreline has some depth, but isn’t very dark. It isn’t the lightest light paint color, but doesn’t even come close to the medium range.

What is the Undertone of Shoreline?

Shoreline by Benjamin Moore

Shoreline is one of those gray paint colors that has all the undertones. Shoreline has green, blue and purple undertones.

Depending on the light in a room, Shoreline can take on any of these undertones, or even all of these undertones in different parts of the room.

Additionally, the colors in the room can also affect how Shoreline looks. If you have a blue couch, Shoreline will look more green or purple in that spot. The blue on the couch will cancel out the look of the blue in the paint. Same is true for any greens or purples in the space – they will cancel out the green or purple in Shoreline.

All this means that you’re going to want to try Shoreline in various places in a room to make sure you like how it looks. The easiest way to do this is with a Samplize sheet. More on that later.

Is Benjamin Moore Shoreline Warm or Cool?

With its purple, blue and green undertones, Shoreline is a cool paint color.

Cool colors have blue, green and purple undertones, and Shoreline has all of them. Additionally, while some grays have beige in them, Shoreline doesn’t.

So it is a cool paint color.

What Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Shoreline?

Shoreline goes with white, dark gray, blue, navy, purple, black, red and pink colors. It is not a good gray to pair with cream, other light gray and brown shades.

Benjamin Moore has two specific color schemes for Shoreline.

The first Shoreline color palette includes Wildwood, a brownish green paint color, and Mexicana, a deep orangish red paint color.

Shoreline Benjamin Moore Color Scheme 2

A second color palette for Shoreline includes Deep Caviar, a black paint color, and Spring Violet, a light lavender paint color.

Shoreline Benjamin Moore Color Scheme 1

Benjamin Moore Shoreline Compared

When I do a full paint color review, I always like to compare the paint color to other popular paint colors in the same family.

Here, I’ll look at Shoreline and see how it stacks up to several other popular gray paint colors. So, let’ s compare Shoreline to Silver Chain, Gray Owl, Classic Gray and Balboa Mist.

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Silver Chain

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Silver Chain

Silver Chain is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Collection. It is a light gray paint color, but it is a bit darker than Shoreline.

Shoreline and Silver Chain actually share a paint strip, with Silver Chain being one shade darker than Shoreline. Now, this doesn’t mean that they’re the same color with one just being lighter or darker than the other.

Instead, Benjamin Moore grouped colors in their Classic Collection by color family, but the formulas aren’t exactly the same between colors.

So both Shoreline and Silver Chain are grays with blue, green and purple undertones, but Shoreline has a bit more purple in it than Silver Chain.

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Gray Owl

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Gray Owl

Gray Owl is another popular gray paint color by Benjamin Moore. It has a similar LRV and depth to Shoreline.

But while Shoreline has green, blue and purple undertones, Gray Owl only has green and blue undertones.

So, if you really don’t want a purple hue to rear its head now and again, Gray Owl might be the better choice for you between these two paint colors.

When you compare Shoreline to Gray Owl, you see that Shoreline looks more purple, and Gray Owl looks more blue/green. But, when you just look at either paint color on its own, the undertones recede a bit and both just look gray.

Click here to learn more about Benjamin Moore Gray Owl.

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Classic Gray

Classic Gray is a Benjamin Moore favorite for many. It is a soft gray paint color that really falls more into the greige or taupe family.

This is because Classic Gray has a lot of beige and some purple in it. It is a warmer gray than Shoreline, and shifts between looking beige and looking gray.

Classic Gray is a bit lighter than Shoreline, and warmer as well.

If you want a shade that is warmer than Shoreline, but still looks gray at times, Classic Gray is the better bet here. If you want more of a true gray, go with Shoreline.

Click here to learn more about Benjamin Moore Classic Gray.

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore Shoreline vs. Balboa Mist

Balboa Mist is a popular gray paint color. Like Shoreline, Gray Owl, and Classic Gray, Balboa Mist is included in Benjamin Moore’s Favorites fan deck.

Balboa Mist is a bit more of a taupe color than some of the other shades on this list, with its pink/purple undertones. Balboa Mist also has a bit of beige in it, which Shoreline doesn’t have.

Overall, Balboa Mist looks warmer than Shoreline. They have very similar LRVs and depths, and carry the same amount of weight on your walls. But, Shoreline is more of a true gray.

Click here to learn more about Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist.

Wondering How To Pick the Perfect Paint Color?

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Then, peel the sheet off your wall and reapply it somewhere else if you like. You can try several different paint colors with no mess, no fuss and no cleaning paint brushes.

SAMPLIZE Peel and Stick Paint Samples

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Trim Colors for Benjamin Moore Shoreline

Shoreline has those green, blue and purple undertones that make it a little particular in terms of what trim colors it goes well with. Specifically, Shoreline doesn’t look good with white paint colors with a creamy tone to them.

If you want a good white paint color for your trim that will pair nicely with Shoreline, check out Chantilly Lace.

Chantilly Lace is a bright, clean white paint color that is perfect for trim, and goes with basically any other paint color. It presents a nice contrast between Shoreline on the walls and Chantilly Lace on the trim.

If you like a more shaded trim color, check out Decorator’s White.

Decorator’s White is not one of my go-to paint colors for trim, because it has a good bit of color in it. It doesn’t go well with a lot of wall paint colors, but it goes really nicely with Shoreline. Decorator’s White has purple undertones, and it makes for a muted, soft trim shade next to Shoreline.

Shoreline Benjamin Moore Trim Colors

Where Can I Use Benjamin Moore Shoreline?

Benjamin Moore Shoreline is a good paint color to use on walls in almost any room in the house. It works in living rooms, bedrooms, basements, entryways, dining rooms, and kitchens.

It is also a good gray paint color to pair with quartz because it has those cool tones that quartz commonly has.

Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore Shoreline

Benjamin Moore Shoreline is a beautiful paint color that works almost anywhere in the house. It is a light shade, but not so light that you don’t know its there.

Shoreline is a good background paint color for most any style home, including traditional, modern, minimalistic, contemporary, farmhouse or cottage.

If you are looking for a soft gray paint color, Shoreline might be a good pick for your home!

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Shoreline Benjamin Moore Paint Color

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