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Sherwin Williams Captivate Paint Review

Captivate is one of Sherwin Williams lowest-priced residential paint products.

This interior latex paint has a price tag of just under $40 a gallon. Does this lower price mean lower quality paint? Keep reading for a full review of Captivate paint.

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The History of Captivate Paint

Years ago, Sherwin Williams carried a paint called HGTV Ovation. This paint product was low-priced but a pretty decent can of paint.

They moved this line of products to Lowe’s, and replaced it with their current line-up which includes Captivate.

Originally, I hoped that Captivate would be similar to HGTV Ovation. But other than price, they are not very similar.

Captivate Paint Details

Captivate paint is a paint and primer in one. This means you do not have to take the extra step to prime your walls prior to painting with Captivate. While this is nice, it is pretty much expected in any decent can of paint.

It is a low VOC product, which again, is standard for latex paints.

Sherwin-Williams claims that Captivate paint can be used on sheet rock, wood, and masonry, without priming first.

Captivate comes in three sheens: flat, satin, and semi gloss.

Review of Captivate Paint

The Pros of Sherwin Williams Captivate Paint

Two of the main things people look for in a paint are whether it is washable and whether it is durable.

A higher sheen paint such as a satin or semi gloss is going to be much more washable than a lower sheen like a flat. For more about how different paint finishes affect your walls and what finish you should use where, check out this post.

My own home, I found Captivate paint to be both washable and durable. Of course, the ability to scrub the paint has a lot to do with the sheen you choose.

The most attractive thing about Captivate paint is the price. If you can catch it on a 40% off sale you can get it for just under $25 a gallon. This means you can paint the whole room (assuming you’re using 2 gallons) for under $50. Talk about a low priced transformation!

The Cons of Captivate Paint

My biggest complaint with Captivate is the consistency. It the consistency of a soft gel. This is in contrast to the heavy liquid feeling of most paint.

The thick gel-like consistency makes it go on your walls different than typical paint. In addition, while you would think the thickness would provide extra coverage, it does not.

Captivate has a thick feeling to it but this does not necessarily provide for coverage. You can easily coat your walls with two coats, but might need a bit of touch up if you happen to miss a spot or two. Additionally, you will need at least two coats on the edging and likely 3 to 4.

Captivate vs. Super Paint

If you’re looking for a great product with amazing coverage, check out this review of Sherwin Williams Super Paint. While it is slightly more expensive than Captivate, it is a much better product.

Captivate is a great paint you’re willing to spend a little extra time making sure any bare spots are covered. But if you want something that’s going to provide consistent rolling coverage with minimal effort, go with Super Paint.

Need help picking a color?

Check out this curated list of the best paint colors!

Final Thoughts on Captivate Paint by Sherwin Williams

Captivate is a paint product that I would choose solely based on price.

While has many of the characteristics of any good can of paint, the coverage is not as good as a can that costs just slightly more. For this reason, I choose Super Paint to use on my walls.

If you’re particularly price conscious though, this “good”can of paint will do the job, with slightly more time and attention to detail.

Other Paints to Consider

If you open the paints outside of the Sherwin-Williams family, stay tuned for my review of PPG Timeless. This paint completely changed my opinion of Home Depot paint products, and you’ll want to hear all about it.

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Thanks for sharing!


Monday 18th of September 2023

How does Captivate compare to Pro Mar 200?


Saturday 23rd of September 2023

Hey Arsal! I'm not sure. I haven't used ParMar 200 in years, and since all the paints seem different in this post 2020 era, I don't want to comment on it and be wrong. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

J Hitz

Friday 23rd of June 2023

Since I had already sealed my drywall with a good white primer, I thought I could get away with one coat of white satin Captivate. Since it is an extra living space, I may let it go with one coat (mainly because I paid $42/gal.) but it really should have two for good coverage.


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Yeah, two coats would probably be better, but I can definitely understand wanting to get away with less!