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Decorating a Small Foyer

A beautifully decorated entryway invites people into your home, imparting a warm, welcoming feeling to anyone who comes through the doorway.

The entryway of a house sets the stage for the rest of the home. It is like a sneak peek into the home and the people who live there.

How To Decorate a Foyer or Entryway

There are a few things that are typically present when decorating a foyer or entryway.

First, most foyers contain either a table or a bench.

While both can be perfectly functional, the have different uses.

An entryway table is a great location to place decorative items that will lend a sense of style to the room.

Vases, picture frames, small plants and candlesticks are common items to find on an entryway table.

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If the table has a drawer, the piece can be functional as well. The drawer of a foyer is a great place to discreetly store keys, wallets, coins and more.

A bench in an entryway is great for a slightly larger space. Blankets and pillows casually draped on top invite people to stick around, while the space underneath the bench can be decorated with pretty boots or baskets.

While both a bench and a table draw people into the home and provide a focal point for the room, they say different things.

A table often feels more formal, while a bench feels a bit more casual.

Both are great, and its a matter of preference, and often of space, which you choose.

Second, include a picture or large mirror.

A picture or a large mirror lend a bit of color and style to the foyer.

Typically, these are placed on a large wall or above the entryway table.

While a mirror can allow for a quick check of one’s appearance before leaving the home, a picture can give a greater sense of style to a room.

Third, add functional pieces that look nice.

Because a small foyer should truly be a well utilized room, add functional items that will provide storage.

For example, baskets, hooks, coatracks and cubbies are all great options for decorating your foyer while adding functional spaces to store “going out” items.

Last, choose a rug for your foyer.

An entryway rug is both useful and decorative.

There are a few considerations when choosing a rug for your foyer.

You will want to choose one that goes with the decor in the rest of the room, and possibly even coordinates with the rest of the home (if you’re going for a cohesive look throughout the house).

A second consideration is how big the room is.

If the room is small, you’ll want to choose a rug that either sits just in front of the door, or one that takes up most of the room. Selecting a rug that takes up a large portion of the room but leaves a section not covered will make the room feel small and awkward.

A third consideration is how high the front door is.

Oftentimes, front doors have door sweeps to keep the cold air out. Because these are designed to drag on the floor, you will probably need a rug with a very low pile.

These are my favorite washable rugs. They clean up amazingly well and are spillproof!

How Can I Decorate If My Foyer Is Small?

Newer homes are usually built with large, open entryways. Some have vaulted ceilings to the second floor and many include coat closets and enough space for a table and a decorative chair.

But while new homes are built with large spaces for in the entryway of the front door, older homes tended to have much smaller foyers.

This is, in part, because the builders of older homes understood the function of the room to be to direct people into the main spaces of the home.

While a stylish chair looks super cute in a foyer, most people do not sit there unless it is Halloween night and they are giving out candy.

A small entryway, however, requires a bit more intentionality in the design. It needs to be both functional and inviting.

Brightening a Dark Foyer

A common problem with entryways is that the space can be very dark.

A poorly lit entryway can make a small foyer feel even smaller.

If the front door is a solid piece, with little to no windows, the room typically only has one small light to brighten the spaces.

There are many options for brightening a small foyer though.

First, changing your light fixture is a great way to both update the room and add more light.

Here are some great options for foyer lights:

Second, adding mirrors increase the amount of light in a dark foyer. Because the mirror reflects the existing light in the room, it makes the entryway brighter than a picture will.

Best Paint Colors for an Entryway

Entryways can be designed to flow seamlessly into the rest of the home, or to make a big statement! It all depends on your preference and tastes.

For a bold entryway, try one of the following colors:

Comfort Gray - Coordinating Color for Agreeable Gray
Colors for Entryways

For a softer look in your foyer, check out these colors:

Colors for Soft Entryway
Colors for Home

Click here for a beautiful whole house color scheme featuring these colors.

If you’re looking for a paint color that will make your foyer look brighter, choose one with a high LRV. This means that the color will reflect more light. Most light, soft colors are typically a good choice for a high LRV paint color.

Final thoughts on decorating a small entryway.

Making a Small Foyer Look Bigger

Decorating a small foyer is an easy and fun way to update your home. To sum up, there are a few tricks that help a small entryway look larger.

First, give your foyer as much light as possible. Choose a brighter light fixture. Increase your light wattage (within the recommended wattage range of the fixture).

Second, change the paint color to one with a high LRV.

Third, add mirrors.

Fourth, choose furniture with a small footprint, such as a thin table.

Last, organize your entryway. Have a place for everything, and keep your belongings tucked out of sight with baskets, drawers, etc.

Good luck decorating your small foyer! Adding a small table or bench, decorating the walls with a mirror or picture, a coat of paint, and selecting the right rug can really change the look and feel of the room.

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