Sherwin Williams Alabaster Color

Alabaster (SW 7008) is a soft, creamy white.  It is not as stark as a true white, but still white enough that it will always look white, in any light and on any surface.  

Alabaster has a Light Reflectance Value of 82, meaning that it will reflect back a lot of light into the room.  This makes it a good choice for any room that you want to have a bright, cheery look.  

Alabaster’s Popularity

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is one of the most popular whites that Sherwin Williams’ makes.  It has been a best seller for many years, and was actually named by Sherwin Williams as their Color of the Year in 2016. 

In addition, Alabaster has been featured in Pottery Barn’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Pottery Barn Kids’ Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and PBteen’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.  

Is white in style for home decor right now?

Based on Alabaster’s appearance in all of the major collections that Pottery Barn put out in 2019, it is safe to say that SW Alabaster has not declined in popularity in the last several years.  

In fact, white walls are trending right now on Pinterest in a big way.  While gray walls ruled for a long time, white walls are becoming the color of choice for homes in 2018 and 2019.  

When you look at Alabaster, it is easy to see why it is so popular, yet not at all trendy.  Trendy colors come in and out of fashion depending on current styles.  Popular colors though, are more classic in their appeal. 

Alabaster is the perfect, timeless white.  It has a bit of warmth without being too yellow, too blue or too beige.  In addition, it pairs well with both warm or cool colors.  

Sherwin Williams Alabaster Undertones

The undertones of Alabaster are subtle.  Alabaster doesn’t lean strongly towards any one color, and almost has a greige undertone.  This means that it has both a beige and gray base, though it mostly just comes off as white.  

What is thought of as a true white typically has cool undertones, and can almost lean towards blue.  If you look at Extra White or Pure White by Sherwin Williams, you will see that this cool, bluish white is what many would consider a real white.  

Without a visual comparison to a real true white though, Alabaster will look completely white.  

Take a look at SW Alabaster next to a cool white (Extra White) and a warm white (Greek Villa), and see how it compares.  

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Alabaster Vs. Extra White

When set against a color such as Extra White, you will notice Alabaster’s warm hints.

Both will look white if you are painting a whole room in the color, but Alabaster will look a little cozier than Extra White will.

Alabaster Vs. Greek Villa

When you compare Alabaster with Greek Villa, you will see how Alabaster leans more gray, while Greek Villa leans more beige. 

Both are warm colors, and both will look pretty white when painted on the wall. But Alabaster looks a little more muted than Greek Villa.

So, is SW Alabaster a warm or cool color?

If you look at Alabaster compared to other whites, it is easy to see what it is a warmer white.  Though it’s greige undertones make it very versatile, it is not as stark as many of Sherwin Williams’ cooler whites.  

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If Alabaster is a warm white, is it cream or white?

SW Alabaster is a creamy white.  But while Alabaster does have almost a creamy look to it, it is considered to be white, and not a cream color. 

Where should I use Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster?

Alabaster white is a perfect choice in many different settings.  Because it is a solid white with just a hint of color, it can go anywhere that you want a clean, bright look.  

You can use it on the walls as a crisp, clean backdrop to your decor. 

You can use it on your trim as a warm white contrast to colored walls. 

You can use it on your cabinets, for a perfect white kitchen.

And it is a top choice for a white paint color on shiplap.  

Overall, Alabaster is a really gorgeous white and is perfect for anywhere in your home. It  is a great choice in a room of any style, from modern to farmhouse, and will highlight the decor of the room.  

Want to see some other white paint choices?  Check out the best whites from Sherwin Williams!

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Sherwin Williams Alabaster Color

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  1. We just put the Ikea grey cabinets in our basement and used the Alabaster for our trim. Now we are looking for a wall color. Yikes! Should we just go Alabaster on the walls too now? Looks like we did this backwards. I’m not knowledgable with color combos. Any suggestions? Being the cabinets are a nice gray and the trim has grey undertones, I am hoping we can salvage our efforts with something that will go with both the trim and grey cabinets.

    1. Hi Lynne! You’re doing just fine! Alabaster is a fine trim color, and I’ll be it’ll look amazing with the gray cabinets and the right color paint on the walls! Alabaster will look perfectly white on the trim too, so don’t worry about the gray undertones. It sounds like maybe you prefer neutral colors? Sea Salt is a great neutral that is greenish blue (or Rainwashed, which is a bluish green, though less neutral than Sea Salt). It would look really pretty with gray cabinets. Also, Steamed Milk is a light cream color, and would go with your color choices but not look as stark on the walls as Alabaster will. Truly, gray goes with anything, so you can do any color you like!

  2. Hello,
    We painted our kitchen cabinets alabaster and are wondering what to choose for the trim and molding as well as the walls. Would Greek Villa pair on the walls well? What should the trim be if so? Our floors are the good old travertine that we need to work around with blues and light grey furnishings. Our room isn’t very bright due to trees and an awning.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle! It sounds like your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I typically use Pure White for my trim color. It is a great white to pair with Alabaster, too, because it has similar undertones but is just a tad bit lighter. Greek Villa would definitely work on the walls, but you won’t see much contrast between the trim and walls or the cabinets and walls. If you’re going for the completely white look, yes, this is a great pick! If you want just a bit of contrast, Ivory Lace is a white that has similar undertones to Greek Villa but is just a little bit darker (but still very white). Good luck Michelle! Drop by and let me know how it turns out!

  3. If we do alabaster for walls and ceiling what color trim should we do? Would extra white work?

    1. Hi Kara! Extra white would definitely work. It has cooler undertones than Alabaster though, and may come off a little bluish. For a white with similar undertones, Pure White would be better. I don’t think you’ll regret either choice, but if I were going to pick one, I’d pick Pure White.

  4. I’m in the process of picking out paint colors for my basement. I picked out Alabaster for walls, ceiling and trim; Iron Ore for the accent wall in our theatre area and Silver Strand for the columns, doors, guest room and laundry room cabinets. What are your thoughts about this combo for a basement? I want the area to feel open and light but also cozy.

    1. Hey Tara! Sounds like all those colors will look really nice together! Are you going to go with black hardware to accent the Silver Strand? I think it’ll look great!

  5. Hi we are painting our kitchen cabinets and I am struggling between Alabaster, Dove White and Aesthetic While. Our counters are Venetian Gold, there are a lot of warm tones. Trim is a brighter white. The room gets a lot of natural light. I was leaning toward Aesthetic White and paint the walls Balanced Beige, but not sure. Thanks!

    1. Hi Christine! If you want the cabinets to look white, go with either White Dove or Alabaster. Both are going to look pretty white next to your countertops and walls. If you want the cabinets to have just a touch of color, go with Aesthetic White. You won’t go wrong with any of those choices.
      Balanced Beige is a nice color, and will look good with the other colors you have in the granite. Plus, since you have a lot of natural white, it shouldn’t look too dark. I think it’ll be really pretty!

  6. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it and love your site!

  7. This is so helpful! We have decided on SW Alabaster for our basement walls and I’m wondering if SW Snowbound would be okay to use on the turn and ceilings since it was used throughout the house. Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily! I thing these colors will look fine together. They have slightly different undertones (Alabaster is warmer and Snowbound is cooler), but it will just make the contrast between the colors every so slightly noticeable. They are both very light colors, so they may not even appear different once everything is painted. For example, I used Alabaster with Pure White trim in my bathroom, and there is no noticeable contrast between them.

  8. What about alabaster on exterior. Was also thinking Shoji white. Trim / Beams / Garage doors will all be iron ore. We have stone on front so not sure if Alabastor is too white vs Shoji

    1. Hi Chris! Alabaster on the exterior would be beautiful. It is going to just look white though – and a white house is always in style. Shoji is also nice on an exterior, and will look like an off-white (compared to a pure white). Both will go with Iron Ore. It just depends on the look you’re going for. Do you want a white house or a cream colored house? Hope this helps!

  9. I used Alabaster for my cabinets and trim. I’m absolutely in love with it! My kitchen has a beige backsplash, countertops and flooring. I was thinking of a very neutral yellow on the walls. I’d definitely like it very light, but still have a contrast to the alabaster cabinets and trim. Any suggestions?

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