Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe

What Color is Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe?

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe is a beautiful, versatile shade of blue green that goes in most any room.

It is one of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Colors, due to its timeless appeal to design professionals and home owners alike.

Healing Aloe Undertones

Healing Aloe has undertones of blue, green and gray. The gray undertone in Healing Aloe helps to ground the color so that it never presents as too bright, but instead is always light and airy.

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Is Healing Aloe Blue or Green?

As it is a very transitional color, Healing Aloe will look different depending on the lighting.

Most commonly, Healing Aloe will look like a soft, muted green with a wink of blue.

With a lot of north facing natural light, Healing Also will look like a warm light green.

If the room has a lot of windows that are south facing, Healing Aloe will look more washed out, allowing more of the gray undertone to come through. It almost takes on the look of a neutral because it is so subdued.

In artificial light, Healing Aloe appears darker. LED and incandescent lights will make it look more green than blue, while fluorescent lights will bring out the blue in Healing Aloe.

Where Should I Use Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe?

Healing Aloe is a gorgeous shade for any room in the house.

While I find that it has a bit too much color to be the the main shade in a home, it is a great color for a bedroom, nursery, bathroom or living room. It would also be a great color in a kitchen with white cabinets.

Additionally, Healing Aloe plays nice with both wood and white trim.

What Colors Go With Healing Aloe Paint Color?

Healing Aloe coordinates well with greige paint colors, such as Edgecomb Gray, Pale Oak, Agreeable Gray or Revere Pewter. In addition, it will go with most beige and white paint colors.

For complimentary colors, pair Healing Aloe with grays, browns, dark blues or blush pinks.

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Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe

Healing Aloe is a gorgeous blue green paint shade that can be used in any room of the home. Because of its light, muted color, it can almost appear as a neutral paint shade. If you’re looking for a great light green paint color with a hint of blue, be sure to check it out!

If you like Healing Aloe, but want a color that is a bit darker, check out Beach Glass.

Painting Your Home

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Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe

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