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Interior Paint Colors for 2022 – What’s Trending!

Choosing an interior paint color for 2022 is easier than ever!

Each year, all the major paint companies (Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Valspar, etc.) select either a paint color of the year or a paint color palette.

Selecting shades that reflect current design and the cultural mood of the times, the designers at these paint companies choose paint colors in an effort to speak to the majority of homeowners.

If you are looking for an interior paint color for your home, check out these gorgeous paint colors, handpicked by all the major paint companies.

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2022 Mood and Design Styles

Like never before, people are choosing home paint colors with intentionality. In the past, the home was a place of retreat from the world, and many just chose paint colors that they liked.

In 2022 though, a home is your office, your gym, your daycare and more. Accordingly, people are selecting interior paint colors to set a certain mood.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the current events in your world? A calming blue might be the shade you want for your home.

Perhaps you feel tired of working, playing, and living at home? An energetic yellow might liven things up.

Or maybe you want a paint color that presents a blank canvas for your space? A soft white is just the thing.

This year, designers are predicting that people want calmness, a fresh start, and new passions.

This comes after 2021, when designers predicted that homeowners wanted tranquility, focus and relaxation. This proved to be true, and we saw a shift towards warm paint colors.

As you can see, designers are still anticipating that people will want calming shades, but they also want new possibilities.

If 2021 was the year of recentering ourselves, 2022 will be the year of reinventing ourselves.

If you’re interested, click here to see last year’s picks, the top interior paint colors for 2021 (as chosen by designers).

What is the color for year 2022?

Typically, home design follows the design trends on the runway. Pantone is a major player in choosing the colors that trend in both fashion and home design.

This year, Pantone has chosen a fairly bright palette of shades, mixed with some muted neutrals. For the top color of the year for 2022, Pantone has selected two shades.

Pantone's 2022 Colors of the Year

The first 2022 color of the year is a cool gray named Ultimate Gray. In a true juxtaposition, Pantone has chosen Illuminating, a cheery yellow, for their other 2022 color of the year.

We can’t know for sure, but Pantone is signaling that we can expect to see a lot of grays and yellows this year.

What are the new paint colors for 2022?

The interior paint color of the year for 2022 is going to vary by paint manufacturer. Several paint companies have already made their announcements.

Here are the 2022 Colors of the Year, as chosen by Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar and Behr.

Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of the Year

For 2022, Sherwin Williams has chosen Evergreen Fog as their 2022 Color of the Year.

Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

Evergreen Fog is a cool, grayish green paint color that has just a hint of blue. Evergreen Fog is calming and organic. It feels like bringing a bit of the outside into your home. Evergreen Fog hearkens feelings of a fresh start, while also providing a relaxing backdrop.

In addition, Sherwin Williams identified a paint palette that would pair well with Evergreen Fog.

Pairing neutrals with warm, rich tones, Sherwin Williams curated a paint scheme for any home.

Benjamin Moore 2022 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year is October Mist!

This soft, silvery green paint color is a similar to idea to Sherwin Wililams’ Evergreen Fog, but a bit lighter.

In addition to naming October Mist as the Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore also listed thirteen shades that coordinate with it for their 2022 palette. The shades range from warm neutrals to bold pops of color.

Each paint color pairs nicely with October Mist, making it a paint color that can go with almost any style decor or design.

2022 Benjamin Moore Colors of the Year

Valspar 2022 Colors of the Year

Instead of choosing one single color as their color of the year, Valspar has selected twelve nature-inspired paint shades.

Valspar’s 2022 Colors of the Year are:

  • Blanched Thyme, a light to mid range green paint color
  • Gilded Linen, a creamy off-white paint color
  • Delighted Moon, a bright, cheery yellow paint color
  • Lilac Lane, a soft pinkish paint color
  • Mountain River, a deep navy blue paint color
  • Orchid Ash, a cool toned gray paint color
  • Grey Suit, a gray paint color
  • Subtle Peach, a soft, pinkish orange paint color
  • Rustic Oak, a reddish, brown paint color
  • Sunset Curtains, a peachy paint color
  • Country Charm, a beige-yellow paint color
  • Fired Earth, a black/brown paint color
2022 Valspar Colors of the Year

Overall, Valspar’s 2022 Colors of the Year tend to be warm, trendy shades that are calming and comfortable.

Behr 2022 Colors of the Year

For 2022, Behr chose 20 shades to spotlight as their Colors of the Year. The shades are similar to many of the colors chosen by Valspar.

As two different major paint companies have chosen these types of paint colors, we can probably assume that they will be popular!

Behr’s 2022 Colors of the Year are:

  • Whisper White, a warm white paint color
  • Sunwashed Brick, a pinkish paint color
  • Breezeway, a blue-green paint color
  • Etched Glass, a pale gray paint color
  • Lunar Surface, a mid-tone gray paint color
  • Nightingale Gray, a grayish brown paint color
  • Studio Clay, a light tan paint color
  • Corn Stalk, a bright yellow paint color
  • Wave Top, a brighter blue green paint color
  • After Rain, a light, baby blue paint color
  • Perfect Penny, a coppery reddish paint color
  • Basswood, a mid-toned tan paint color
  • Sustainable, a browish green paitn color
  • Explorer Blue, a bright mid-tone blue paint color
  • Dark Cobalt Blue, a royal blue paint color
  • Lingonberry Punch, a pinkish red paint color
  • Wild Mustang, a mid to dark brown paint color
  • Laurel Tree, a fresh green paint color
  • Ocean Abyss, a dark, blue green paint color
  • Cracked Pepper, a dark gray paint color

Behr’s 2022 Colors of the Year have something for everyone. Whether you like pale shades, bright shades, neutrals or deep tones, there is a paint color on this list for you!

What are popular wall colors for 2022?

Just because these colors have been chosen by designers as the hot colors for 2022, doesn’t mean that these shades have necessarilly carried over into the real world yet.

Overall, the most popular wall colors for 2022 are going to be your neutrals. Grays, whites, and even some beiges are being chosen by the majority of homeowners.

Neutrals tend to give a black slate sort of background so that furnishings and accessories can take center stage in the home. Additionally, neutrals are calming shades.

Is beige coming back in 2022?

People are beginning to wonder if beige is coming back in 2022. Yes! We are starting to see more people gravitating towards beige paint colors. In 2022, we are seeing homeowners and designers shift towards more warmer shades, and beige is a great warm neutral paint color.

Now, not all beige paint colors are created equal. I am predicting that we won’t see those yellowy beige paint colors come back in as quickly as we will see more grayish beiges. For example, Natural Linen is a beautiful beige paint color that has a bit of gray in its base. This helps keep it from being too beige, if you know what I mean.

Click here to check out some gorgeous beige paint colors.

Is gray going out of style 2022?

The other question that people have is if gray is going out of style in 2022. No! I am not predicting that gray will be out of style in 2022. We will see people continuing to shift away from those cool gray paint colors. This has been occuring for years now though.

Greiges, paint colors that are a blend of gray and beige, are still going to be in style in 2022. This is because they are the perfect neutral. They can typically go with both warm and cool furnishings and accessories.

In fact, the most popular paint color (in my estimation) is still Agreeable Gray, by Sherwin Williams. Agreeable Gray is a greige paint color that balances between gray and beige. It is hugely popular among homeowners and realtors, and if you ask a painter, they will tell you that this is the color that people choose most often.

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Final Thoughts of Interior Paint Colors for 2022

If you follow fashion trends at all, or even if you have been in your local mall recently, you know that styles are all over the place at the moment. Despite the seemingly randomness of the trends, there are some commonalities that are driving both fashion and paint colors right now.

People are desiring comfort, warmth, and nature-inspired types of spaces. The paint colors on this list have been chosen by designers as shades that will speak to these desires, and will help create a space that is both welcoming and inspiring.

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If you are looking for a paint color that will be fresh and trendy, check out one of the shades on this list of the 2022 Colors of the Year!

Interior Paint Colors for 2022

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