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Urbane Bronze Review – Sherwin Williams 2021 Paint Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams has announced its 2021 Color of the Year, and no surprise, it is Urbane Bronze!

This color has been trending in the home decor world for a lot of 2020. It is being featured on front doors, cabinets, home exteriors, and even walls.

Urbane Bronze is so popular that it has been chosen for the 2016 Pura Vida collection, the Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2020 collection, the Minimalist collection, and the 2021 Sanctuary color collection at Sherwin Williams.

Let’s talk about this amazing color and how to best use it.

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Urbane Bronze Paint Color

Urbane Bronze, SW 7048, is an earthy, warm paint color that almost straddles the line between brown and gray.

Depending on where you view it, Urbane Bronze can look like a dark brown, or like a murky gray. Sometimes, it can even look a like a green.

Urbane Bronze has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 8. The LRV scale goes from 1-100, with 1 being completely dark and 100 being completely light. As you can see, this means that Urbane Bronze is a very dark color. It will reflect very little light into a room.

The depth of this nature-inspired color, as well as the particular mix of shades in it, make it feel both sophisticated and bold, while also being welcoming and tranquil.

Sherwin Williams describes it as “grounded, meditative, and serene.”

Color Review of Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze Undertones

Urbane Bronze has a significant amount of black undertones, as well as a lot of warm brown undertones. It also has more than a hint of green in it. These shades round it out to make it a perfectly earthy color.

Overall, Urbane Bronze comes across as a warm shade, as the brown undertones are dominant over the green.

Where To Use Urbane Bronze

Because it is so dark, Urbane Bronze is best used as an accent color for the average person.

It looks gorgeous on front doors, whole house exteriors, windows, cabinets, and furniture.

Here is Urbane Bronze on the inside of a built in. I love how it gives this built-in a distinctive and elegant look.

Urbane Bronze on Built-in

But while most people will like to use Urbane Bronze as an accent color, someone who is a little more daring with their paint choices may choose if for a whole room.

When used as a wall paint color, Urbane Bronze will give a room a dramatic, bold look. While it may not be suitable for all rooms, it looks amazing in a study, dining room, or even a bedroom.

Before we go any further, let’s chat for a minute about how to figure out if Urbane Bronze will work in your home.

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Urbane Bronze Color Scheme

Some great coordinating colors for SW Urbane Bronze are Extra White, Ivoire, Shoji White, Modern Gray and Messenger Bag.

Extra White serves as a great trim color for a room that has Urbane Bronze walls. Shoji White and Modern Gray are versatile neutrals that will act as a great backdrop from Urbane Bronze accents. Last, Messenger Bag and Ivoire can be pulled in as an accent wall or through furnishings and accessories.

Take a look at this color scheme here:

Urbane Bronze Color Strip

Urbane Bronze is housed on the same color strip as some of Sherwin Williams most popular greige shades.

Wordly Gray, Amazing Gray, Intellectual Gray, Felted Wool, Anonymous, and Porpoise are all listed on Urbane Bronze’s color strip.

While some would say that this means that they are all either lighter or darker versions of each other, this just isn’t true. For example, you can see that Porpoise has a lot of green in it, where as Intellectual Gray has a hint of blue.

Final Thoughts on Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze, Sherwin William’s 2021 Color of the Year, is a very popular paint color reminiscent of nature. This brownish-gray (or grayish-brown) paint color is perfect for doors, windows, home exteriors and furniture, or as a wall color for a dramatic look.

If you’re looking for a bold paint color that that is earthy and sophisticated, Urbane Bronze is a great choice!

Pictures of Urbane Bronze

For pictures of Urbane Bronze, check out this Pinterest board I created. Oh, and if you have any pictures of your own of Urbane Bronze or any other paint color, and you’d like to have them featured on my site, feel free to contact me!

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Review of Urbane Bronze Paint Color

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Monday 7th of June 2021

Hi Lauren - this post is wonderful. We're painting our entire exterior in a few weeks and are having the hardest time finalizing colors! For the house, we've decided on SW Oyster White for the siding + trim and think it will go nicely with our dark bronze windows. We also have a 2-story detached garage/office and are leaning towards the Urbane Bronze for the siding + trim (with white windows). We also really like Benjamin Moore's Dragon's Breath, but it's so hard to tell a difference between those two paints. Do you generally have a preference between those two colors? What we can't figure out for the life of us is the color for the 2 entry doors on both levels of the garage. We don't want the garage to feel austere, so we'd like a nice pop of color. Right now we're thinking Farrow & Ball's Babouche, which is a rich, darker yellow. Do you have any other ideas for what could work for the doors? We'd like something that's rich and earthy and not too bright since we don't want it to detract from the sophistication of the Urbane Bronze. Also, what do you think of the overall Oyster White + Urbane Bronze pairing for the 2 structures? Thank you!


Monday 14th of June 2021

Hi Emily! Thanks for your sweet words! Dragon's Breath and Urbane Bronze are very similar colors - Urbane Bronze looks just a hair softer to me. Between the two, I actually like Dragon's Breath a bit better, but both are great. I don't think you have a wrong choice between them. For a front door color, you could do Fired Brick, Spicy Hue, Homburg Gray, or a yellow like that Babouche might be really nice! Good luck!


Monday 24th of May 2021

Hi, my husband and I have been obsessed with Urbane Bronze! I’m not surprised that it was picked as color of the year. :D Last year, just before Covid, we repainted our whole back pool deck and our patio’s pergola. I picked out Urbane Bronze for both because I wanted a very dark modern color like charcoal or black, instead of the dingy 20 yr old white that it was, but I wanted a color from nature, that would compliment my succulents and garden. We were stunned how good it looked outside. I’m in a very sunny area of California, so there was no danger of any color looking too heavy or dark. We loved it so much, I’m now painting the stucco garden walls all around the whole backyard in Urbane Bronze. :) I’ve done one side so far. My Golden Jackpot Bougainvillea looks spectacular against it, the bright colors of the bracts & leaves really pop. Lauren, I would love to share my pics with you, if you would like. :) One observation, it looks very different depend how the light hits the surface, even at the same time of day. It shifts between a dark mushroom brown, to a med. grey, even slightly greenish to super dark charcoal, but it still manages to look natural, like the muted colors of river stones. It matches ext. light fixtures and posts that are “bronze” in color very well, it also looks nice with natural wood, wrought iron and brick. After the wall, I need to paint a metal gate at the end of the wall and a garden bench, I’m thinking a subtle blue-green aqua/teal color. Do you think SW Tidewater would look nice with UB? Thank you, I really enjoy your reviews.


Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Geetha, I would LOVE your pictures!! Your home sounds absolutely lovely, and I am always looking for pictures of paint colors that I can use on my website. I'll email you to see if you'd like to have them featured on this post. Urbane Bronze is really neat how it transitions between a brown, a green and a gray - so pretty! I think Tidewater would be really nice with Urbane Bronze - a perfect addition to an already beautiful space! Thank you for your comment!


Friday 7th of May 2021

Hi! The picture where urbane bronze is in the built in is beautiful what color is on the wall with the window (appears green) I’m thinking of rock garden with urbane bronze accent wall. Thankyou!


Sunday 16th of May 2021

Hi Crystal! That is Blustery Sky. Love that shade!


Friday 7th of May 2021

Help! Thanks for this helpful review! I just had my exterior painted Urbane Bronze and love it. However, I had garage doors and trim painted black (looking for a bit more modern feel) and it looks terrible. What is a good garage and trim color? Should it be lighter? Thanks for the advice!


Wednesday 25th of August 2021

@Grace, do you have pics? I’m thinking of that color combo and now I’m worried. Wondering what the issue was with black with it


Sunday 16th of May 2021

Hi Grace! What looks terrible about it? Does it look terrible with the Urbane Bronze, or just not good in general? White, like Pure White, is always a good bet on trim! I would maybe start by painting that white and see what you think of the black door then. Just an idea :)


Wednesday 5th of May 2021

I am painting my walls Repose Gray and extra white trim. I want to paint my internal doors a color that would go well with these. Would Urbane Bronze, Naval, or what color do you think? Thanks


Sunday 16th of May 2021

Hi Brian! Naval would be amazing, and Urbane Bronze would work as well. You could also go with Iron Ore. Sounds lovely!