DIY Kitchen Remodel

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of remodeling a kitchen is $21,751. While a remodeled kitchen is nice to have, that price tag is likely too high if you’re trying to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget.

Thankfully, there are some great DIY kitchen remodeling projects that even a novice DIYer can do.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about them.

Our Kitchen Remodel – a DIY Project on a Tight Budget

Several years ago, my husband purchased a home that had a builder grade kitchen. Everything was functioning fine, and was in decent shape, but was outdated looking.

We knew that we wanted to remodel the kitchen so that we would get a higher price for the home when it was time to sell it, so we set out to remodel our kitchen on a tight budget. I’ll tell you the total cost at the end, but first, check out our before and after pictures.

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Our DIY Kitchen Remodel Before

Here is a picture of our kitchen before our DIY kitchen remodel.

A Before Picture - Kitchen Remodeling on a Tight Budget

It had dark walls, a tan ceiling, granite-looking countertops, standard light fixtures, and honey oak cabinets.

It wasn’t a bad kitchen. It had good bones, as they say. The cabinets were around ten years old, and the appliances were stainless, and everything was in good shape. We didn’t love the color of the cabinets though, and wanted to make the kitchen feel like our own.

Since we knew that we were going to be selling the house (on our own, without a realtor) within a year of buying it, we needed to save as much money on our remodeling projects as possible, as a house doesn’t appreciate much in 1 years time.

So, we gathered our tools and set to work on our DIY kitchen remodel on a limited budget.

Here is what we did.

Steps in Our Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Step 1: Paint the Walls

We actually did it before we even moved it. That dark blue just had to go! Immediately after painting, the whole room felt fresh, and much larger.

I have a specific color pallet that I always use in my homes, because it goes perfectly with all types of decor, matches wood or white trim, and consists of neutrals.

This is how to paint your walls the easy way.

For the kitchen, we chose to paint the walls Sherwin William’s Steamed Milk.

Steamed Milk Paint

Since this was the first step in our DIY kitchen remodel, we weren’t sure what the color of the cabinets would be when we were finished.

We also weren’t sure if we would end up painting the tan ceiling or not. It was a neutral, and wasn’t really noticeable when we looked at purchasing the home because the walls were that dark blue.

Last, we didn’t know if we would have enough time to paint all of the wood trim in the home.

So we wanted a color that would lighten up the room, coordinate with the ceiling color, match the wood colored trim, and would go with whatever color the cabinets ended up being.

Steamed Milk was the perfect choice. Plus, it is a great coordinating color for Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, which we were painting in the rest of the home.

Step 2: Change the Faucet.

When we purchased our home, the faucet in the kitchen was broken. It was stuck on the spray option, and couldn’t be fixed.

So I ordered a new faucet off of Amazon. I loved the industrial style of it, and it made the sink look like it was updated. This faucet was a great buy! (And see those walls in Steamed Milk? Much better than the dark blue).

Change the Faucet to Remodel Your Kitchen On A Tight Budget

Step 3: Paint the Trim

Once we were finished painting that walls, I realized that I was going to have to paint that trim. The wood color was fine, but I love white trim.

So I painted the trim Pure White, by Sherwin Williams.

DIY Kitchen Remodel - Paint the Trim

If I could do it over again, I would paint the trim first. It is easier to paint the trim with a wide stroke (getting it onto the wall) and then get the crisp line with the wall paint color. But hindsight is 20/20, right?

Here is everything I learned about DIY trim painting.

Step 4: Stain the Cabinets

After the painting was finished, I started to work on the cabinets. I had never refinished cabinets before, so I had put this task off for a bit.

Kitchen Remodel on a Tight Budget Idea
Before our DIY Kitchen Remodel

Thankfully, refinishing the cabinets was actually much easier than I expected! I envisioned hours of sanding, but ended up using a method that only required a light sand.

My general steps were to wash the cabinets down well, sand them, remove the sanding dust, then apply Minwax PolyShades with a natural bristle brush.

Minwax PolyShades is a product that is a top coat and a color all in one. It comes in a variety of colors, but I chose Espresso because I wanted a dark color when I was done.

The cabinets looked so much better when I was done. The deeper wood color looked much more in style and really gave the kitchen a remodeled look.

If you want more information on the process for staining your kitchen cabinets darker, check out how to refinish wood cabinets with minimal sanding.

kitchen island makeover - restain the cabinets
After our DIY Kitchen Remodel

Step 5: Customize the Kitchen Island with Trim, and Paint It

While I loved how the cabinets turned out, I really wanted the kitchen island to pop. Two toned kitchens had just come into style, and I knew that would be the perfect way to set our kitchen apart when it came time to sell the home.

So I went to my local home improvement store and purchased trim and crown molding to add to the kitchen island. When I finished cutting and adhering all of the trim, I sanded everything down and painted it a creamy white.

It was beautiful!

DIY Kitchen Remodel - Add Trim to the Kitchen Island

Here is a detailed explanation of how to customize your kitchen island by adding molding.

Step 6: Change the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware.

After all the painting and staining, we wanted to go the extra mile by getting new knobs and pulls for the cabinets.

If you want to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget, a great way to start is by changing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Amazon has really great pulls and knobs. They are inexpensive, high quality, and stylish. Here are a few of my favorites:

Step 7: Change the Light Fixtures

Next, we decided to update the light fixtures to something that reflected our style a little better.

In a DIY kitchen remodel, changing the light fixtures can make a huge impact. Dated light fixtures make the whole room look dated.

Unfortunately, lights can be really expensive. But they don’t have to be!

There are a few budget friendly options for upgrading your light fixtures. First, you can DIY it. Spray paint your current one. Chalk paint and distress it.

Second, you can pick one up at the ReStore. It is a goodwill type store that is run by Habitat for Humanity, where contractors and home owners drop off used home items. You can find a lot of great fixtures there.

Third, check out your local discount store. Many of them have started carrying light fixtures. I typically get my lights at a store called Bargain Hunt.

And last, look at these Amazon finds. If I can get a light for under $100, I feel like I got a great price!

Step 8: Paint the Ceiling

In the end, we painted the ceiling as well. It just seemed silly to do all of the work we had already done and leave the ceiling a dark tan color (plus, we were selling the house and when it didn’t get an offer after the first showing, I got nervous and we painted the ceiling that night. I’m used to selling my homes pretty quickly!). It was the right choice, because the whole room felt brighter when we were done!

Our DIY Kitchen Remodel After

Our Kitchen Remodel on a Budget is Complete

Looks so much better, right?

Okay one confession for my detailed oriented readers… this picture was taken before we painted the ceilings… so you’ll notice that the ceilings are still dark.

So now I’ve listed all of the steps to our DIY kitchen remodel, I’m sure you’re wondering how much we actually spent to remodel this kitchen. I’ll break it all down for you now.

Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Step 1: Paint the walls – Cost $60 (two cans of Sherwin Williams Super Paint, on sale of course)

Step 2: Change the faucet – Cost $110

Step 3: Paint the trim – Cost $40 (one can of Sherwin Williams ProClassic Paint – that I used to paint all the trim in my house)

Step 4: Stain the cabinets – Cost $20

Step 5: Customize the kitchen island with molding – Cost $60

Step 6: Change the cabinet hardware – Cost $20

Step 7: Change the light fixtures – Cost approximately $110 (for all three lights!)

Step 8: Paint the ceiling – Cost $30 (two cans of Sherwin Williams Eminence Paint, on a really good sale day)

Total Cost to DIY Remodel My Kitchen? $450

That is WELL under the $21,000 plus that Home Advisor says is the average cost. And WELL worth every penny!

I love how my kitchen turned out. My husband and I enjoyed all of the projects (well, most of the time), learned some new skills, and significantly upgraded the look of our home.

Good luck with your own kitchen remodel!

I hope that you find amazing ways to remodel your kitchen while staying within your budget.

Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts!

And remember to Pin this for later!

DIY Kitchen Remodel

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DIY Kitchen Remodel

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  1. Read your post. Quick question though, What’s the best countertop to use when remodeling your kitchen? My uncle suggested that if I remodel I use granite for the counters but it seems expensive. I think this is something you can answer. đŸ™‚

    1. Hi Alphonse. That depends on what you’re looking for. Granite was hugely popular for a while, but has waned in popularity in recent years. Currently, quartz is having a moment, both for its gorgeous look and for its easy care. While granite has to be sealed yearly, quartz doesn’t have to be sealed with that frequency. Mostly, you should consider your preferences for the look of your kitchen and your ability and desire to care for the countertop, and make a decision based on that.

  2. I plan to sell my home next year too. We have honey oak cabinets and I need to update the hardware. I’m curious about the hardware you purchased from Amazon.

    1. Hi Debbie! Here are the pulls that we purchased when we updated our honey oak cabinets. They also have them in black. I loved them because they were really well made – no sharp edges, fit the holes perfectly, and solid feeling. Also, they are a great price! So much cheaper than you can get at a home improvement store. I hope the home sale goes well!

  3. What color would you go with on walls and countertops. I currently have split brick floors and oak cabinets. Can’t go dark because of floors and cabinets. The countertops I think need to be light with a different backsplash.
    Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Cindy! Your kitchen sounds so interesting – and like it’ll be really pretty when you’re done updating it! Without seeing the color of the brick, it is a little hard to give solid advice, but here is what I’m thinking. I agree, you should go light on the countertops and backsplash. On the countertop, I think a pure white is too stark, and that at cream/off white would go well. I wouldn’t put in a beige, as that will enhance the orange in the cabinets. Instead, try to get something between white and beige. For the backsplash, I would go with an off white subway tile. I know that this isn’t adding much color to the kitchen, and that is intentional. Both the flooring and the cabinets are bringing lots of color into the kitchen, and I think you should pair them with neutrals to tone down the colors in the kitchen and accentuate the beauty of the wood and brick. Good luck with your mini remodel!

  4. My kitchen has the honey oak cabinets and the backsplash is golden small tiles and the wall is a blue color. What color would u suggest for the wall and versing whether to go white in the cabinets or just make them a little darker.

    1. Hi Angela! This is totally dependent on your preferences! You could stain the cabinets darker if you like a wood look kitchen, or paint them for a bright kitchen. Either is a great choice, though white kitchens are particularly timeless. For the wall, blues go nicely with golden touches, as well as greens, whites or some grays.

  5. HELP!! I have all honey oak trim. In the living room, that is LARGE. I have one half wall and one wall of honey oak stained beadboarding. My husband will not let us paint the trim. I plan to paint the walls and the beadboarding. What color? same colors? shade darker or lighter. HELP. We also plan to put in Luxury Wide plank wood look flooring. HELP

  6. Hi Lauren! What paint colour did you use on the island? We are torn between using greek villa and creamy on our cabinets with tropic brown granite countertops. Natural light is decent in the morning

    1. Hi Neha! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond in a timely manner on this question! When someone has commented before, I don’t get an alert that I have a comment, so I didn’t realize that I had missed this! Unfortunately, I don’t know what color this was. I used Behr Marquee paint, but I just went and looked at their color chart and I don’t see any that look familiar. I didn’t like the paint type though. The color was similar to Greek Villa or Creamy, but with a little less yellow. Either would be pretty on a cabinet though!

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