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    Top Beach House Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

    Calm coastal paint colors can turn your home into a relaxing retreat from the pressures of every day life.

    During a recent trip to the beach, I visited the local Sherwin Williams to talk to the experts about their top selling paint colors. The answer was unanimous. Most beach home owners choose shades that are light blue or light green hues.

    The colors that are chosen for the interior of your beach home are meant to reflect the same colors you see when you are soaking up the sun. They are classically beachy feeling, and impart a sense of peacefulness.

    Coastal paint colors for the home are always in style. They play on the hues of the ocean, the sky, the sun and the sand. Paired with coastal decor, they give your home a perfectly casual and nautical feeling.

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    Here are my picks for the top five coastal paint colors from Sherwin Williams.


    Coastal paint color

    Tradewind is a designer favorite, and it is easy to see why. Named by Coast Living Magazine as one of the best paint colors for a beach house bedroom, it has notes of blue and gray in it, with a touch of green. This color tends toward the cool side, and is light enough to paint in any room.

    As with all colors, it will look like a darker color in a small, windowless room, or may look almost like a neutral in a larger, well lit room. It is a serene, beautiful shade that is reminiscent of the blue expanse of the ocean or of the clear sky.

    Popular with both the average beach home owner and with designers, Tradewind is the number one choice to anchor your coastal design.

    Cottage Cream

    Paint shades for beach homes

    Cottage Cream is a great addition to a coastal color scheme. What would a beach house be without a soft yellow? This warm color is reminiscent of sunsets over the ocean and the sand beneath your feet.

    This calming paint shade is subdued enough to be considered a beige, but has enough yellow in it to look like a color when it is on the wall. Cottage Cream brings a bit of sunny brightness to this beach house color scheme without being too prominent.

    Meander Blue

    coastal color scheme for home

    Meander Blue is a slightly brighter blue-green paint color that feels almost tropical. While this cool beachy teal compliments the other shades in this coastal color scheme from Sherwin Williams, it would be best used in a stand alone room such as a small bathroom, or a sunny guest room. It begs for some crisp white beadboard or white wicker furniture to accent it on the walls.

    Meander Blue will give your home a sea glass inspired feel.


    Passive is a great choice for a coastal paint scheme.

    Passive is a classic gray. It could be placed next to any color in this beach paint scheme, and blend in the home seamlessly.

    It is another top pick for beach home owners, according to the local Sherwin Williams experts, because it can go with any style, and in any room. It is the color of the sky on a stormy day at the beach.

    Planning to DIY the job? Make sure to get these paintbrushes at an AMAZING PRICE! Oh, and don’t forget to get this for those high places!


    Waterscape is a great addition to a beach style home.

    When I think of Waterscape, I think of tranquility. As the name implies, Waterscape will remind you of the water. It is a similar depth to Tradewind, but where Tradewind leans towards blue, Waterscape leans towards green.

    Waterscape is another great choice for the main living areas of your home, for the bedrooms, or for any room where you want to hear the call of the ocean.

    But Sherwin Williams’ most popular calm coastal paint color…

    …is Sea Salt.

    The number one selling paint color for coastal style homes.

    It has been the number one color on the coast, in the plains and anywhere in the nation for years. I use it in my whole house color scheme, perfect for any home.

    Learn everything you need to know about Sea Salt here.

    This beach house color scheme will make your home feel like it is steps from the ocean, even if it isn’t.

    All of the colors are calming, relaxing, and beautiful shades that Sherwin Williams heralds as their most popular coastal colors.

    Remember that the paint sheen you choose will make a different in how the color is perceived.

    If you need some guidance on this, check out this post on paint finishes.

    If you’re a first time painter, or looking for some tips and tricks on how to paint a room the easy way, you can find them here.

    Looking to hire a professional to do the job? You can be connected with a painting professional in your area by clicking here!

    Let me know what your favorite coastal paint colors from Sherwin Williams are!

    Oh, and finally, complete the look by picking up some great beach decor finds!

    Top Beach House Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

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    Monday 18th of January 2021

    Hello, most of these paint colors mentioned are for interiors. Do you have a list of the top exterior Sherwin Williams paint colors for SC beach homes? I like the blue, gray and green tones and have a salt box style home. One example is Mount Saint Anne by Benjamin Moore. Thank you!


    Saturday 23rd of January 2021

    Hi Scott! I actually do not have a list of exterior beach house colors, but some that I love are Nautilus, Vintage Vessel and Dorian Gray.


    Sunday 27th of December 2020

    Hi Lauren,

    Great tips! We are remodeling a small beach condo. Open floor plan in the kitchen living and dining and have chosen Stone Eagle for the cabinets. Light comes from south, north, and east. None of the paint cards once mixed into samples for the wall colors have matched what they should look like. Great examples are Citilite (turned out very light silver) and Marshmallow (turned out pink). Suggestions for walls that will go with the Stone Grey? In the master bath I have chosen Tidewater for the cabinet, ideas on a wall color? No natural light and you can see the cabinet from the master bedroom. In the small guest bath, I chose Tradewind Blue for the cabinet color and no natural light. If you think it's a mistake for me to use those colors on the cabinets it's not too late yet. Thank you!


    Saturday 2nd of January 2021

    Hi Jana! I'm not super familiar with Stone Eagle, so I can't give you a good paint idea (It is only sold as an HGTV color, so I don't have a swatch of it - so sorry!). It looks like it may be a gray with a bit of beige in it, so Alabaster might work nicely for a white. I love Tidewater for a cabinet. I would pair it with either a white wall (Westhighland White or Alabaster are both lovely) or a gray (take a look at On the Rocks or Repose Gray. For the small guest bath, Tradewind should be really nice! Both those blues you picked are ones I love! Good luck!! It is so hard to put it all together when you're remodeling a whole house, but you're doing the right thing by getting sample or swatches and trying them.

    Krista Sabatino

    Monday 14th of December 2020

    Renovating a beach house and overwhelmed by paint colors. The main living area/kitchen/halls will be a neutral white. I am looking to add subtle color to the 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. Looking for suggestions. Big Chill, Sea Salt and Top Sail are on the A list for now but looking for new ideas!


    Thursday 17th of December 2020

    Hi Krista! I love Alabaster for a neutral white. Its slightly warm, but that will work better with your other colors than a cool white. Some other beach house favorites are Rainwashed, PPG Willow Blue, or Tidewater. Have fun with your renovation!


    Wednesday 11th of November 2020

    Hi we just purchased a small one bedroom beach condo. It has an open living area/kitchenette (white cabinets). All walls are white right now, we want to put a little color in it. I was thinking of tradewind for the bedroom, its small and has alot of windows, not much wall space. For the living/kitchen area, I am stuck. Bc its a small space I was thinking we go light but right now it looks like we maybe dealing with a dark navy sectional (as its the only size that will fit) or possibly a lighter tan sectional. I was thinking a grey in this combined room, maybe siler strand or something but not sure if its to green to go with a navy couch. The floors we have an option of going with the vinyl panel light grey wood look or we can do the more natural wood panel color. Any suggestions. Not sure if grey is the right combo with the tradewind in the bedroom. Would a sea salt work better in the combined room? if we do that then i would suspect the navy couch would not work? Help!


    Tuesday 17th of November 2020

    Hi Annmarie! Tradewind is a great color - a good blue but not too bright. For a gray, Silver Strand is really nice. It has slight green undertones, but I think they will work nicely with a navy sectional. For the flooring, it is a tough call. Both shades would be fine with gray walls, but I would compare the paint color you choose with the gray floors to make sure the undertones don't clash. For example, if the floors have a purple undertone, and the walls have a green one, one may REALLY accentuate the other's undertones, making it look like you have a purple floor. I don't think this will be the case, but always good to check to make sure. In terms of longevity, gray floors are very in style right now, but I think they will go out of style quicker than natural wood floors. Thats my guess though, and certainly not fact. Go with the one that you like. I think gray wood floors will also go nicely with Tradewind. Sea Salt is lovely, and will definitely go with a navy couch. I don't think you can go wrong with Silver Strand or Sea Salt. Sea Salt is more popular, and has more color to it (bluish green). If you want more color, go with Sea Salt. If you want more of a neutral, Silver Strand is good (but may be more difficult to match with gray wood floors). I hope this helps! BTW, I have a navy sectional and I love it! I find it to be a good "neutral" shade, as opposed to a color that is hard to match other colors to.

    Rose M Fowler

    Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

    I am building a bay house and garage apartment in Fairhope, AL. Our first build is on the apartment. It is about 1100 sq ft; 2 bdrm 1 bath. The living, kitchen and dinning room are open with a vaulted ceiling. Kitchen will have an island. I love the sea salt and have it in my current home bedroom, bath and guest room. The rest of the house is Malabar. I would like to do the entire house in Sea Salt. White cabinets and would like to have the island another color. Any suggestions? Also, looking for help on the exterior colors?


    Tuesday 10th of November 2020

    Hi Rose! Sea Salt is a great color for your spaces. It has enough gray in it to be considered a neutral, but enough color to look really soft and pretty. I always pair Sea Salt with Pure White, but it goes with Alabaster nicely too. On the island, you could go with Naval, Dorian Gray, or Dovetail. For the exterior, it totally depends on your tastes, but gray exteriors have been in for a while! Have fun with the new build!