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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is one of the best selling colors for home interiors right now. While grays, whites and greiges are still king when it comes to home design, Sea Salt is one of the few actual colors that is loved by most.

Many would consider Sea Salt a neutral, even though it is a true color. It is muted enough that you can use it in almost any room in your home, but still has enough color to give the room a little pop.

SW Sea Salt is great for a room that you want to paint a color, but you don’t want to appear too intensely colored.

What Color is SW Sea Salt?

Sea Salt is a beautiful greenish blue. It is reminiscent of a pale green sea with the sun shimmering through it, though not as bright.

Sea Salt is a really interesting color, because how it looks depends on lighting and what is around it. You could say that it is a chameleon of sorts. For example, when paired next to a blue, sea salt looks gray.

When Sea Salt is compared to a true gray, it looks green.

And when you place Sea Salt with green, it almost takes on a pale blueish hue.

Sea Salt Undertones

As you can tell from the color comparisons, Sea Salt paint has undertones of mostly green and gray, with a hint of blue.

Sea Salt

When you look at Sea Salt on the Sherwin Williams color strip, you can see that the darker shades on the color strip are pretty green. Sea Salt is the lightest color on the strip, with a Light Reflectance Value of 63. It is followed by a slightly darker shade, Comfort Gray. After, you will find Oyster Bay, Acacia Haze, Retreat, Pewter Green and, finally, Ripe Olive. While the colors get increasingly dark in color and LRV, it is clear that green is the primary undertone of Sea Salt.

Is SW Sea Salt Warm or Cool?

Sea Salt is a cool color that just barely hints warm. Since cool colors are typically calming, this enables it to go well in many different rooms in a home.

One of the things that I love about Sea Salt is the spacious, relaxing feel that that it lends to a room. Being a cool color means it tends to give depth to a room, making it feel larger than it is.

What Type of Home Does Sea Salt Work In?

Sea Salt is a great choice for many different styles of homes.

While Sea Salt has been a popular color for a long time, it rose to even greater fame with the show Fixer Upper. Joanna Gaines, the designer on the show, used light greens like Sea Salt in a lot of the homes she featured. As a result, Sea Salt was a natural pick for many homeowners, as it is light, almost neutral, and really pretty.

In addition, Sea Salt is a very popular color for homes with a coastal look. In fact, experts at Sherwin Williams chose it as one of the best selling colors for beach homes.

I have used it in my own whole house color scheme, featuring Agreeable Gray, for several years. This color scheme works well in any style home, including traditional, farmhouse, coastal, or transitional.

Coordinating Colors for Sea Salt

Sea Salt goes well with grays, whites, beiges and greiges. Some examples of good coordinating colors for Sea Salt are:

  • Agreeable Gray
  • Steamed Milk
  • Mega Greige
  • Heron Plume
  • Accessible Beige
  • Comfort Gray

Best Rooms to Paint Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a perfect color for a bathroom. It is tranquil, calming and clean looking. It tends to look as though it has a bit more color in a bathroom, as there is typically a lot of white in a bathroom from the toilet and sink.

As you can see from the picture, Sea Salt looks more blue than green in this picture, due to the lighting. This is why Sea Salt is called a chameleon color – it changes based on lighting, time of day, and what colors are around it.

Sea Salt in Bathroom

Sea Salt also works well in a bedroom, as bedrooms are relaxing retreats from the hustle of daily life.

Last, I have seen Sea Salt be used in kitchens as a beautiful accent to gleaming white backsplashes and marble countertops.

Truly, Sea Salt can go in any room of your home. Because its gray undertones can make it look neutral in certain rooms, it can be used throughout the home for an understated elegant look.

Wondering how to pick the perfect paint color?

I have a great solution for you!

Samplize sells 12×12 stick on paint squares in almost every paint color. These eco-friendly, peel and stick squares are made from real paint, so they will show you exactly what the paint color will look like.

I love Samplize squares because they are able to be placed on your wall and peel right off when you’re done. You can move these paint squares around your room to easily tell whether a color will go in your home, with your furnishings and accents, and with your lighting.

Plus, you can pick the perfect paint color without having to run to the store or open a can of paint, and you won’t be pressured into picking a color because you have a bunch of different sample colors painted on your walls!

Oh, and you get free shipping and $5 off your first order – that is basically like getting one square for free!

Sea Salt vs. Rainwashed

If you like Sea Salt, but want a color that leans more toward blue, check out Rainwashed. Rainwashed and Sea Salt are very similar, except that Rainwashed leans blue with a hint of green and Sea Salt leans green with a hint of blue.


Both are great colors, and would provide the same calming effect in a room without being overpowering.

For more information, check out this post on Rainwashed. For other amazing blues from Sherwin Williams, click here.

Final Thoughts on Sea Salt

Sea Salt, by Sherwin Williams, is a beautiful color that can go well in any room of the house. It is listed as one of Sherwin Williams’ top 50 best selling colors, because it is selected time and again by both designers and homeowners.

If you want to paint your home on you own, check out this post on painting a room.

If you’re looking to hire someone to paint your home, you can be connected with a painting professional in your area by clicking here!

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Monday 2nd of November 2020

I have painted Sea Salt in my living room. The bottom half of the walls are a white board and batten. The sea salt looks very blue during the day, but it has a BEAUTIFUL green tone that’s comes out at night. Is there a color you can suggest that would look more green or hep me to achieve this look during the day?


Tuesday 10th of November 2020

Hi Brandy! Filmy Green is a lot like Sea Salt, but with more green in it. It may give you the look you want. Or, I really love Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore. This one can go blue though, so be sure to check it out in your space before committing yourself by painting the whole room! Hope this helps!

Quaye Frietas

Saturday 31st of October 2020

I want to paint the majority of my house sea salt with a darker blue green in dining. What color would u recommend? It has morning light. And what trim would go everywhere thanks


Sunday 1st of November 2020

Hi Quaye. I love Comfort Gray (which is actually on the same color strip as Sea Salt). Its gorgeous! And Pure White is my go-to trim color.


Monday 5th of October 2020

Great ideas. We were planning to paint a small cottage style home Agreeable Grey in most rooms and Sea Salt in the one Bathroom and the Kitchen. We were also was playing with the idea of one accent wall in the living room in a Mega Griege. We are at an impasse on the color for the wood trim on the door frames and along the floor. As a color none of my family like white, so we were looking for another trim color - maybe Steamed Milk or Cottage Cream. Or would it be better to eliminate the accent wall and color the trim Mega Griege? Do you have any suggestions?


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Hi Tim! Your color choices are great. They're actually all in my whole house color scheme that I've used time and again. Steamed Milk is a great color. It is light and bright, and comes out very much like a cream color. If you don't want a white trim, Steamed Milk is a great choice for a cream trim. Cottage Cream has a bit too much yellow and beige in it for my taste for trim. And I don't think it will go as well with your other color choices. I also think Mega Greige could work for the trim color too, and will give the space a more dramatic look. It all depends on your preference. If you want a light trim that isn't white, go with Steamed Milk. If you want a bold trim color, go with Mega Greige (and then skip the accent wall). You may get a better sense of what you like by googling "cream trim" or "gray trim." Good luck! I'd love to see a picture of how it turns out!

Judy Merson

Monday 28th of September 2020

I painted my kitchen cabinets Alabaster White (top cabinets) Mega Greige (bottom cabinets. What color would go with both for open living room and kitchen?


Monday 28th of September 2020

Hi Judy! I love Agreeable Gray for a large space like an open living room and kitchen. It goes great with both Mega Greige and Alabaster too!


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

What color laminate flooring looks best with sea salt in a beach condo?


Friday 18th of September 2020

Hi Teresa! Sea Salt goes really well with a lot of colors. It plays nicely with a medium or dark wood look laminate, and can go with a gray toned or light wood laminate floor as well. I know that this isn't much help in narrowing down a floor color, but Sea Salt is really versatile!