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Coventry Gray, by Benjamin Moore

Coventry Gray is a medium gray paint color by Benjamin Moore. It is included in Benjamin Moore’s Historic paint colors collection, which means it is a timeless and classic sort of paint color.

Coventry Gray is also included in Benjamin Moore’s Favorites fan deck, which means it is one of the top 75 paint colors that is sold at Benjamin Moore.

If you are looking for a gray paint color that has some depth to it, but isn’t super dark, keep reading for all the details on Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray.

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What Color is Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore Paint Drop

Coventry Gray is a medium gray paint color with blue and slight green undertones. While Coventry Gray looks more like a true gray in cooler light, it will look a bit more balanced in southern light.

Coventry Gray doesn’t have so much blue that it will look particularly blue though. It is more like, if Coventry Gray is going to look some color other than gray, it is more frequently going to look blue.

This is important to know, because it can determine whether Coventry Gray will go in your home, or whether you will like it.

All gray paint colors have undertones – most commonly blue, green or purple. While you may be perfectly fine with your gray paint looking a bit blue, you may hate a gray paint that looks purple at times. So always know and agree to the undertone in your gray paint before you paint your whole room (or cabinets, or exterior, etc.).

Coventry Gray LRV

Coventry Gray has an LRV of 48. LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value, and it basically means how light or dark a paint color is.

An LRV of 0 would mean that the color was completely black. An LRV of 100 would mean the color was completely white.

So, an LRV of 48 is pretty near the middle of the scale.

Practically speaking, this means that Coventry Gray is a medium shade. It isn’t terribly dark or deep on your walls, but it has some weight to it. It is definitely not a light paint color.

Coventry Gray also isn’t a dark paint color. It won’t give a deep, saturated look that a dark gray will. But, it will make its presence known in a space.

Is Coventry Gray Warm or Cool?

Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

With its blue undertone, Coventry Gray is a cool paint color. It isn’t overly cool though, just leans that way.

While some cool gray paint colors can look icy or cold, Coventry Gray looks more moody.

What Colors Go Well with Coventry Gray?

Coventry Gray tends to go well with dark blues, lighter or darker grays with similar undertones, whites, blacks, greens, yellows and pinks.

Here is one example of a color scheme for Coventry Gray. As you can see, Benjamin Moore pairs Coventry Gray with Lush, a dark green paint color, and White Wisp, a grayish off-white paint color.

Paint colors that go with Coventry Gray 1

People often wonder if Coventry Gray goes well with one of Benjamin Moore’s other popular gray paint colors, Gray Owl. Coventry Gray actually looks great with Gray Owl. There is enough difference between the depths of the colors that they work very well together.

In a second color palette, Coventry Gray is paired with Amherst Gray, a dark gray paint color, and Gray Owl, a lighter gray paint color.

Paint colors that go with Coventry Gray 2

Trim Colors for Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray is a medium shade, so it tends to be a bit more forgiving in terms of what color trim it works well with. It can go with many warm and cool trim paint colors.

My top two choices for white paint colors to go with Coventry Gray are Chantilly Lace and White Heron.

Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore Trim Colors

My favorite Benjamin Moore white paint for trim is Chantilly Lace. It is practically undertone-free, and looks great with almost any paint color. It looks clean and bright on your trim.

White Heron is another nice white paint color that goes well with Coventry Gray. It has a bit of gray in it, and this give it a slightly softer look than Chantilly Lace has when on your trim or woodwork.

Where to Use Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray can look very chic and luxe on your walls, but can also be classic and traditional. Since it is a medium paint color, it isn’t so dark that it gives a very dramatic look, but it definitely makes its presence known.

Coventry Gray is a great paint color for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

One important consideration for Coventry Gray is the amount of light you have in your space though. If your room doesn’t have a lot of light, Coventry Gray is going to be pretty dark, and may make the room look a bit darker.

Coventry Gray is also great on cabinets. It goes well with quartz, marble, and some granite countertops.

Lastly, Coventry Gray is a good gray paint color for home exteriors. Because exteriors have so much natural light, lighter gray paint colors can wash out and look like an off-white. Since Coventry Gray has a bit more depth, it maintains its gray look even in bright sunlight. But, it won’t look nearly as dark outside on your home exterior as it does inside.

Coventry Gray works in any style home – farmhouse, contemporary, modern, traditional, coastal and more.

Coventry Gray Compared

When people are looking at a paint color for their home, they tend to be looking at several at the same time that are in these same color family. For instance, when people consider Coventry Gray, they tend to also consider Stonington Gray, Metropolitan and Gray Owl.

So, let’s take a few minutes to look at Coventry Gray as it compares to these different paint shades, to see if it helps you narrow down which one will work in your space.

Coventry Gray vs. Stonington Gray

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray vs. Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is a popular gray paint color by Benjamin Moore. Stonington Gray, like Coventry Gray, is part of the Benjamin Moore Favorites fan deck.

Both Stonington Gray and Coventry Gray have blue and green undertones. But, Stonington Gray is a good bit lighter than Coventry Gray. And when you look at the two next to each other, Coventry Gray looks a bit more blue than Stonington Gray does.

So, if you want a deeper, more saturated gray, Coventry Gray is your better bet. But, if you want a lighter option for gray paint, Stonington Gray is a good choice.

Click here for more information on Stonington Gray.

Coventry Gray vs. Metropolitan

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray vs. Metropolitan

Metropolitan is another gray paint color by Benjamin Moore. It is popular, but not quite as popular as the other gray paint colors discussed in this post.

Metropolitan and Coventry Gray are fairly similar shades. They have about the same depth and both have blue or blue green undertones.

But, Coventry Gray looks a bit stormier and Metropolitan looks a tad bit icy. Between the two, Coventry Gray is just a bit softer.

Coventry Gray vs. Gray Owl

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray vs. Gray Owl

Gray Owl is the last gray paint color by Benjamin Moore that we will discuss today. Gray Owl is another of the top 75 paint colors that Benjamin Moore sells.

Gray Owl is considerably lighter than Coventry Gray. It has blue and green undertones as well, but has a bit more of the green in it than Coventry Gray does.

Coventry Gray is great for that luxe, bold wall color. But Gray Owl is much more versatile, and can be used anywhere because it is so much lighter.

Coventry Gray is also probably the better pick for a home exterior, between the two.

Click here for more information on Gray Owl.

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Final Thoughts on Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray is a gray paint color that can look either chic or classic on your walls, depending on what you pair it with. Coventry Gray is a timeless sort of paint color that goes with a lot of coordinating shades.

If you are looking for a gray paint color with a bit of depth, Coventry Gray is a good choice for you. It is also a great paint color for cabinets and exteriors.

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