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Sherwin Williams Coastal Paint Colors

Coastal paint colors, or beachy paint colors, are soft, relaxing shades that instantly transform a space into a calming environment.

They tend to be light and airy paint colors that give off a breezy and soothing feeling.

When you are looking at the paint wall at Sherwin Williams, it can be really difficult to choose the right shade. There are so many options, and may seem pretty similar to each other.

To help you out, I have narrowed down the list to some no-fail, popular beachy paint colors. Each one is a gorgeous shade, and will work in many spaces.

Take a look at the best coastal paint colors from Sherwin Williams and see which one you like best for your space.

Coastal Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Coastal Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams. Coastal Paint Palette with blues, blue greens, whites, creams, beiges, and navy

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Sherwin Williams Pure White is my favorite white paint color. It is light and bright without being too stark. It goes great on woodwork, but is also a great white paint color for walls.

Pure White leans warm without any discernible undertones. It has just a hint of yellow and gray in it that make it look slightly muted. You won’t see the yellow and gray, but they help to keep the paint color from looking blindingly white.

If you like a really white look in your coastal home, Pure White is a good option for the walls. It is a perfect white to pair with other coastal shades, like light blues, blue greens, creams or even a pop of navy.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

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If you want a little more color on your walls that Pure White, but still want a very light, white look, Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the go-to pick.

Alabaster is soft, light, and nearly perfect. It has yellow and gray undertones as well, but a bit more color than Pure White.

The yellow in Alabaster doesn’t come off too strongly though, unless maybe you have really warm southern lighting hitting it. This type of light will bring the warmth out in any color.

Alabaster looks great with other coastal shades like blues, greens, and beiges. It will provide a perfect backdrop to your furnishings and accents.

If you like a softer trim look, Alabaster can also work on your trim. It isn’t my top choice for trim, but in a light and airy beach home, it can be really beautiful.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand

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Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is my favorite blue green paint colors. It is a blend of blue, green and gray. How it looks in your home will depend on the lighting and the colors that you have in your space.

When paired with more true blues, Silver Strand will look more green. When paired with greens or yellows, it will look more blue. In evening light, it’ll take on a bit more gray.

Silver Strand looks sophisticated without looking stuffy. It lends a bit of elegance to a room, especially when paired with crisp white trim.

Silver Strand is similar to the ever popular coastal shade Sea Salt (discussed next), but is like a more mature version of it.

It goes well with accents of white, cream, pink, beige, tan, gray and navy.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is the quintessential coastal paint color. It is a chameleon type of paint color that shifts between the different colors that make it up.

Sometimes Sea Salt looks blue, sometimes it looks green and sometimes it looks gray. Despite this, it is still considered a neutral.

Sea Salt is a little brighter than Silver Strand, but it isn’t so bright that it looks childish. Instead, it is a great way to include some color on your walls without being too daring.

Sea Salt looks great with other coastal colors like dark blues, creams, whites, tans, and beiges.

Sherwin Williams Tradewind

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Sherwin Williams Tradewind is a more true blue than Sea Salt or Silver Strand. It does have a bit of gray and a hint of green in it, but it typically just looks blue on your walls.

Tradewind is a little darker than Sea Salt or Silver Strand, but still a light shade. It is a calming shade that goes with a classic coastal theme.

Of course, blues can be tricky to pair. If you have a lot of other blues in your space, you will definitely want to to sample the paint color to make sure the undertones of your wall color go with the undertones that you have in the other blues in your space. Some blues can have green undertones, some can have purple undertones, etc.

If you are looking for a blue for your walls, Tradewind is a great place to start.

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White is a great off-white shade that is a blend of gray and beige. It is a good neutral because it can work with a lot of other shades and doesn’t peg you to a solidly gray or a solidly beige wall.

Considered a “greige”, Aesthetic White works well with blues, greens, creams, darker beiges, and more. It isn’t a color that will stand out on your walls, but this means that it will provide a perfect neutral backdrop for anything else in the room.

Sherwin Williams Upward

Sherwin Williams Upward is a light blue paint color that has purple undertones. It was Sherwin Williams Color of the Year in 2024, and is a great coastal shade.

Now, Upward is not a shade that you can mix with colors like Silver Strand or Sea Salt. The undertones are all wrong together.

But, if when you’re sampling your paint colors with the other blues in your space, you find that the blues have a bit more purple in them, Upward may be the perfect blue wall color for your home.

Upward is a breezy type of blue that is light and bright. Like the other colors on this list though, it has some gray in it which keeps it from being too juvenile.

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen

If you are looking for a beige paint color, Sherwin Williams Natural Linen is one of my favorites.

It is a soft beige that doesn’t look too pink or too orange. This makes it a modern, usable beige.

Natural Linen is soft and airy, perfect for pairing with blues, greens and mores. It will provide some warmth to a space without glowing like some beiges can.

Sherwin Williams Naval

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Sherwin Williams Naval is Sherwin Williams most popular navy paint color. It is a dark navy that will ground and bring balance to your space when used correctly.

In a coastal color scheme, the typical shades of light and bright, but there is still a place for a dark navy.

Naval can work well on woodwork, cabinets and even as an accent wall in the right context. If you go with too much navy, you end up with more of a nautical look than a coastal look.

But, if your space needs a touch of depth, Naval is my go-to navy paint color from Sherwin Williams.

Final Thoughts on Coastal Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

There are so many gorgeous whites, off-whites, blues and blue greens from Sherwin Williams, but these are some of my favorites. They tend to work well in a lot of homes, and this makes them a great place to start when thinking about repainting.

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