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Smokey Green, a Benjamin Moore Paint Color

Smokey Green is a light blue-green paint color by Benjamin Moore.

Smokey Green is sophisticated, mature and relaxing. But, this beautiful blue-green can also look a bit playful if used in a children’s room.

If you are interested in a soft blue-green paint color, keep reading for all the details on Benjamin Moore Smokey Green. Before we get into the details of this paint color though, there are a few things to discuss to clear up any confusion.

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History of Benjamin Moore Smokey Green

Smokey Green is a part of the Designer Classics fan deck.

But, this wasn’t the first time we saw this formula in a paint color. Originally, Smokey Green was called Quiet Moments.

Quiet Moments is a paint color in the Classics collection, meaning it was one of Benjamin Moore’s original paint colors.

So, Quiet Moments and Smokey Green are the same paint color with the same formula. But, they have two different names and identifiers. Quiet Moments is 1563, while Smokey Green is CC-700.

What Color is Benjamin Moore Smokey Green?

Smokey Green Benjamin Moore Paint Drop

Smokey Green is a soft blue-green paint color with gray undertones. The gray isn’t always readily apparent, but it keeps Smokey Green from looking too bright or too juvenile.

Smokey Green is considered a chameleon paint color that can look green in some lights, blue in others, and can even look gray at times.

In bright, southern-facing light, Smokey Green will look more green. But in cooler northern-facing lights, you’ll see a bit more of the blue or gray in Smokey Green.

Is Smokey Green Warm or Cool?

With its blue and green blend, Smokey Green is a cool paint color. Cool paint colors include blue, green and (some) purple shades.

Cool paint colors tend to seem to recede into the background like the sky. They feel expansive and soothing like the ocean.

In particular, Smokey Green gives a room a very comfortable and spa-like vibe.

Smokey Green LRV

Smokey Green by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green has an LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of 62.

The LRV scale is a metric that gives information about how much light a paint color reflects back into a room. An easier way to understand it is to say that it tells us how light or dark a paint color is.

So a paint color with an LRV of 0 is completely black (reflecting no light back into a room), while a paint color with an LRV of 100 is completely white (reflecting a lot of light back into a room).

With an LRV of 62 means, Smokey Green is in the light range of the LRV scale. It isn’t so light that it is a pastel sort of shade, but doesn’t have too much weight on your walls.

Complimentary Paint Colors for Benjamin Moore Smokey Green

Smokey Green goes really nicely with white, cream, gray, beige, greige and navy. When you use Smokey Green alongside other neutrals, it brings a gentle pop of color that is soft and understated.

Colors That Go With Smokey Green Benjamin Moore - Cloud Cover and Gray Mountain

Here, you can see how Smokey Green looks great with Cloud Cover, a grayish off-white, and Gray Mountain, a darker brownish gray.

Colors That Go With Smokey Green Benjamin Moore - White Heron and Mysterious

For a more dramatic look, you can pair Smokey Green with White Heron, a soft white, and Mysterious, a dark navy.

Trim Paint Colors for Benjamin Moore Smokey Green

If you’re looking for a trim paint color to coordinate with Smokey Green, I have two amazing trim paint colors for you to check out.

Smokey Green Benjamin Moore Trim Colors - Chantilly Lace and White Heron

Smokey Green goes really well with Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is one of my favorite trim colors for anyone who wants a bright, crisp white trim paint. It is pretty much undertone free, so it works with most paint colors.

Smokey Green also coordinates well with White Heron. White Heron is a softer white paint color with gray undertones. It is great for a person who likes a white trim but wants something that doesn’t look quite as crisp.

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green Compared to Other Popular Paint Colors

Each time I do a paint color review, I like to look at the paint color in comparison to other popular paint colors that are in the same color family.

In this case, I’ll compare Smokey Green to a few other blue-green paint colors. Specifically, let’s look at Smokey Green compared to Sea Salt, Healing Aloe, Beach Glass and Palladian Blue.

Smokey Green vs. Sea Salt

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green vs. Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a very popular Sherwin Williams paint color. It has been popular for years, due to its ability to act as a neutral.

Like Smokey Green, Sea Salt is a blend of blue, green and gray. Additionally, Sea Salt and Smokey Green have very similar LRVs.

But, Smokey Green has a little bit more blue, and Sea Salt looks a little more green. Truly though these two paint colors are pretty similar to each other.

If you want to choose between these two paint colors, I would recommend trying them in your space. The lighting in your room may really enhance the blue or the green in them, making one a better fit over the other.

My favorite way to try paint colors is to use Samplize sheets… I’ll talk a bit more about that later.

Click here for more information about Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Smokey Green vs. Healing Aloe

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green vs. Healing Aloe

Healing Aloe is a great Benjamin Moore blue-green paint color. It is a similar shade to Smokey Green, but a little bit lighter. Like Smokey Green, Healing Aloe also has gray undertones.

If you want a super soft, barely-there blue green paint color, Healing Aloe is the better option. But if you need your paint color to have a little more presence in the room, Smokey Green may be the better choice.

Click here for more information about Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe.

Smokey Green vs. Beach Glass

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green vs. Beach Glass

Beach Glass is another blue-green paint color by Benjamin Moore.

Beach Glass is a little bit darker than Smokey Green, getting close to a mid-tone blue-green paint shade. Beach Glass is also a bit more green and Smokey Green.

Because Beach Glass is darker than Smokey Green, it doesn’t look quite as soft and airy as Smokey Green does.

Beach Glass might be a better choice in a brighter room where you want to make sure the color doesn’t get washed out. For the average room though, Smokey Green might be the better option because it has enough color to show up, but not so much that it darkens the space.

Smokey Green vs. Palladian Blue

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green vs. Palladian Blue

Palladian Blue is a light blue-green paint color by Benjamin Moore. It looks a little brighter than Smokey Green though, because it has less gray in it.

They have very similar LRVs though, meaning they have about the same depth to them.

If you’re trying to decide between Smokey Green and Palladian Blue, consider the feeling you’re trying to create in the room. With more gray in it, Smokey Green looks a bit more mature and can play the role of a neutral a little bit easier.

Palladian Blue is a classic sort of shade that looks very nice, but it definitely has more color to it than Smokey Green.

Click here for more information about Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.

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Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore Smokey Green

Smokey Green, by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Smokey Green is a gorgeous, soft blue-green paint color that is mature and elegant. It works in made different style homes, and in most rooms.

No matter where you put it, Smokey Green is a soothing paint color that feels comfortable and relaxing.

If you are looking for a blue-green paint color, Smokey Green may be the perfect shade for you.

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