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2024 Paint Color Trends

Every year, paint colors trends change and evolve to reflect current home design. Accordingly, paint color companies select a paint color or a palette of paint colors that they anticipate will be trending in the new year. Sometimes brand new shades are selected, and other times old favorites emerge as front runners.

In 2024, we are seeing a big shift towards blue paint colors by both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Other paint companies, such as PPG and Behr are anticipating that earthy tones and rich blacks will be hot.

Let’s look at the 2024 paint color trends, as declared by the designers of the major US paint companies Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, Behr, and Valspar.

Sherwin Williams’ 2024 Paint Color of the Year

2024 Paint Color Trends - Upward Color of the Year from Sherwin Williams

For 2024, Sherwin Williams chose Upward (SW 6239) as their color of the year.

Upward is a light, airy blue paint color that is sophisticated. It is like a breath of fresh air, reminiscent of a crisp morning sky.

Blues can really vary depending on what undertones they have in them, so just calling Upward a blue isn’t very descriptive.

Sherwin Williams Upward has purple and gray undertones that give it a more mature look. It is a subtle sort of blue that isn’t bright.

This blue is one that homeowners can use to give their home a refreshing, updated look. It is very on trend right now, especially among homeowners who love a coastal grandmother.

But I also like this paint color for its classic appeal. Light blues like Upward tend to be continually in style, as their appeal never fades among people who love blue paint colors.

Since polls have found that blue is the most popular favorite color among people across the globe, a color like Upward is very classically adored.

Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color of the Year

2024 Paint Color Trends - Benjamin Moore Blue Nova Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore chose Blue Nova (825) as their 2024 Color of the Year.

Blue Nova is a much darker blue than SW Upward. While Upward is light and airy, Blue Nova is deep and rich.

But there are some similarities between Blue Nova and Upward. Both have that purple and gray undertone.

This means that both paint companies felt that trends were shifting towards blues with purple undertones, instead of blues with green undertones that were so popular in the early 2000s (think Rainwashed or Palladian Blue…).

Blue Nova is less likely to be used as a wall color in most peoples homes due to its depth, but it certainly can be used on walls. It is also a bit more trendy and less timeless than Upward, just because of how dark it is.

But, Blue Nova is still a classic sort of blue. It can be great for pops of color, such as on a front door or shutters, on furniture, on an accent wall, or on a kitchen island.

PPG’s 2024 Color of the Year

2024 Paint Color Trends - Limitless Color of the Year from PPG

PPG went an entirely different direction with their choice for the 2024 Color of the Year. They selected a soft, buttery yellow called Limitless.

They say that Limitless has the essence of a neutral, but I find it to be pretty yellow. It is a pretty color though, and can absolutely be used on walls.

Limitless is very different from the earthy tones that we have seen become popular in the past few years. Instead of bringing about a sort of depth and groundedness, Limitless has a sunny warmth.

I can see this paint color becoming popular, but not necessarily for someone who wants to be on the cutting edge of home design trends.

Limitless is a traditional type of shade that many will like, but I don’t anticipate that we we will start seeing the majority of homes adopt this sort of yellow for their walls.

Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year

2024 Paint Color Trends - Cracked Pepper Color of the Year from Behr

For 2024, Behr chose Cracked Pepper as their Paint Color of the Year.

Cracked Pepper is a rich, bold black paint color that is deep and saturated. Despite this, Cracked Pepper has a softness to it that makes it feel luxurious.

Behr highlights Cracked Pepper as a shade for a whole room, as an accent wall, or on cabinets. Really, it is perfect anywhere that you want add rich black tones.

Cracked Pepper is especially on trend in spaces that have natural wood tones and earthy shades such as orange, green and beige.

While I don’t see this paint color becoming the most popular paint color for 2024, a shade like Cracked Pepper will always have its place in home decor.

Valspar’s 2024 Color of the Year

2024 Paint Color Trends - Renew Blue Color of the Year from Valspar

Valspar chose a blue green paint color called Renew Blue for their 2024 Color of the Year.

Renew Blue is soothing and refreshing in a spa-inspired sort of way. It is a relaxing paint color that has a bit of brightness to it.

While Upward, Blue Nova and Renew Blue are all blue paint colors, Renew Blue has a very different vibe than the other two shades. It feels a bit more playful than the other colors.

In many ways, Renew Blue is reminiscent of the blue greens that were popular in the early 2000s, but with a bit more brightness to it.

Renew Blue can be used on walls or as a pop of color. I like Renew Blue for bathrooms or bedrooms, though you have to want a bright wall color for this paint color to work for you.

That completes the round up of what colors are predicted to be hot this year from the major paint companies, but you still may have a few more questions.

Here are my thoughts on…

What Color is Replacing Gray in 2024?

While gray was the most neutral popular paint color for years, currently we are seeing a shift towards beige neutrals in home design.

Beige is a warmer shade that gives a space a cozy, earthy sort of feeling.

People still love grays, but they most favored ones are the warm grays, such as Accessible Beige, Agreeable Gray, or Edgecomb Gray.

No color is necessarily replacing these shades for the masses.

Designers tried with a pure white wall trend for a while, but it didn’t catch on the way a greige wall did.

For those who want a true beige paint color, shades like Manchester Tan or Grant Beige are popular.

What is the Number One Paint Color for 2024?

If you are wondering what paint color is the most popular paint color in 2024, my answer is the same as its been for years: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.

No matter what the designers at the big paint companies say, people are still loving this warm gray paint color.

If you ask any home painter or rep at Sherwin Williams, they will say that this paint color is the one that they sell the most of.

Realtors love it for selling homes, and homeowners love it as a neutral wall color.

Sure, many have shifted to a pure white wall color, and some to a more earthy warm neutral such as Accessible Beige, but Agreeable Gray seems to be that perfect sweet spot of a neutral that isn’t too warm, isn’t too cool, isn’t too gray and isn’t too beige.

Final Thoughts on 2024 Paint Color Trends

2024 Paint Color Trends - All the Colors of the Year from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, Valspar, and Behr

In 2024, we will see some new colors becoming popular, but I anticipate that we will continue to see much of the same.

Warm grays trending towards beige will continue to be used. Stark white will reign in some homes. Earthy tones will be accents in many space.

Most importantly when choosing a paint color though, pick one you love. For me, I love a color like Upward, so this allows me the opportunity to paint my home a color that I truly love that is also on trend.

But if you just love a purple wall, and no designer anywhere says you should paint your home that color, that’s okay. Choosing a color you love will always make you happier than chasing a trend.

Thanks for sharing!