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Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Paint Color

Edgecomb Gray, by Benjamin Moore, is one of the most popular colors on the paint market. It’s wide popularity is due to its ability to coordinate with most any decor or design style.

Edgecomb Gray is a soft, warm paint color. It looks creamy without looking yellow in a sunny room, but will take on a more gray hue in a darker room.

Edgecomb Gray – Is it beige or gray?

Edgecomb Gray is actually a greige. A greige is a color that has both beige and gray undertones. Edgecomb Gray leans more strongly towards a beige than a gray, but both shades are present.

Edgecomb Gray is one of the few greige shades that does not have purple or green undertones to it. This means, it is going to show as a gray or a beige, depending on the light, but not as a purple or green tinged color.

For example, I painted my upstairs hallway Worldly Gray, which is a greige paint color by Sherwin Williams. My husband came upstairs and asked, “Did you paint the hall purple?” Edgecomb Gray will not do this in your home. Instead, it will just look neutral.

Greige paint colors are very in style right now, due to their versatility. In fact, all of the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors right now fall into the neutral category – grays, beiges, whites, and earth tones.

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Edgecomb Gray Coordinating Colors

Edgecomb Gray is a perfect backdrop for many color schemes. It is a beautiful shade for a neutral color scheme, full of shades of white, cream, beige and tan, or can pair beautifully with bright pops of color.

Edgecomb Gray is a great shade to anchor a whole house color scheme as well. It can be paired with many other neutral paint colors for a cohesive, coordinated look in a home.

For brighter palette, Palladian Blue, Saybrook Sage, Hale Navy and Hawthorne Yellow, some of Benjamin Moore’s other most popular colors, will all coordinate nicely with it.

If you’re interested in learning how to choose coordinating colors for your home, check out this article on choosing paint colors for home interiors.

What Rooms Should I Paint Edgecomb Gray?

Edgecomb Gray can be painted in any room of your house.

If you like one color throughout the home, this is a great choice. In your bright rooms, such as a living room or dining room with lots of windows, it will appear as a light beige (but never a yellowy or orangy beige). In your darker rooms, such as hallways or bathrooms, it will look like a soft grayish beige.

With how adaptable Edgecomb Gray is, it can also easily go in bedrooms, basements, kitchens, or studies. See Edgecomb Gray discussed here in the best colors for a bedroom.

Edgecomb Gray Compared

Edgecomb Gray reigns in popularity with several other greige paint colors. Some of the other most commonly chosen greige paints are Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak, and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist.

In order to help you choose which popular greige is the best shade for your house, let’s look at Edgecomb Gray compares to all of these shades.

Edgecomb Gray vs. SW Agreeable Gray

While Edgecomb Gray is one of the most popular Benjamin Moore colors, Agreeable Gray is the most popular Sherwin Williams paint color.

In comparing them, Edgecomb Gray has more beige, while Agreeable Gray has more gray in it. Both are amazing greige options, but Edgecomb Gray will be lighter and more airy on your walls then Agreeable Gray will present.

Edgecomb Gray has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 63, meaning it is a color that will reflect a lot of light. Agreeable Gray’s LRV is 60, so it will present as just slightly darker on your walls.

Edgecomb Gray vs. SW Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige, by Sherwin Williams, is another highly popular paint color choice. As you can see, it is more earthy than Edgecomb Gray. Accessible Beige carries more brown and beige tones, and slightly less gray than Edgecomb Gray.

While Edgecomb Gray’s LRV is 63, Accessible Beige has an LRV of 58. Accessible Beige is still considered a light color, but is on the darker end of the “light” choices.

Check out this post for all the details on Accessible Beige!

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Edgecomb Gray vs. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter may be the most popular Benjamin Moore color chosen by homeowners and designers. It is included on almost all lists of the most popular gray paint choices (even though it is a greige).

Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter are similar shades, though Revere Pewter has more gray. With an LRV of 55, Revere Pewter is also a slightly darker shade than Edgecomb Gray.

In addition, while Edgecomb Gray can take on an almost creamy look, Revere Pewter will not.

Check out a full color review of Revere Pewter here!

Edgecomb Gray vs. Pale Oak

Pale Oak is another gorgeous, soft shade by Benjamin Moore. When I was choosing a color for my dining room, I went back and forth between the two before finally deciding on Edgecomb Gray.

As you can see from the color comparison, Pale Oak is slightly lighter than Edgecomb Gray, with an LRV of 70. Because I was painting a very bright room with lots of windows, I chose Edgecomb Gray for a little more distinction. If I had been painting a less well lit room, I probably would have chosen Pale Oak.

Historically, Pale Oak has not been as popular as Edgecomb Gray. It has a little bit less gray in it, and gray has ruled the paint charts for years. With a recent shift towards warmer grays, we may be seeing Pale Oak becoming more popular.

Edgecomb Gray vs. Balboa Mist

For our last comparison, let’s look at Edgecomb Gray and Balboa Mist.

Balboa Mist has an LRV of 67. With Edgecomb Gray having an LRV of 63, they are among the closest in light reflectance value of all the shades discussed.

As evident in the color comparison, Edgecomb Gray has a bit more beige, and Balboa Mist has a bit more gray. Other than that, they are very similar.

Which Shade Is Lighter Than Edgecomb Gray?

Of all the shades compared here, Edgecomb Gray is probably closest to Pale Oak in undertones. While they are not exactly the same color, if you want a color that is just a bit lighter than Edgecomb Gray, Pale Oak would be a good choice.

Alternatively, you can also ask Benjamin Moore to make you a can of Edgecomb Gray at 75%, 50%, or 25%. This means that they will use the same formula of Edgecomb Gray but with a specific percentage less of the pigments.

So, if you want Edgecomb Gray but just slightly lighter, get a can of Edgecomb Gray at 50%. At 75%, you won’t see much of a difference.

Final Thoughts on Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray is a beautiful Benjamin Moore paint color to use in your home. It will coordinate with many other paint and accent colors, can be used in any room of the house, and perfectly skirts the worlds of beige and gray paints.

I hope this color spotlight on Edgecomb Gray is helpful for you in choosing the best paint choice for your home!

If you want to check out other greige paint colors, click on the link!

Painting Your Home

If you are interested in painting your home on your own, check out this post on how to paint a room.

Want to see all your paint options in one convenient place? Click here to pick up a Sherwin Williams fan deck (contains all SW colors) or a Benjamin Moore Collections fan deck (contains many popular BM colors – other fan decks sold separately)!

BM Edgecomb Gray

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Thursday 3rd of March 2022

Hi Lauren. This is great information and the color comparisons are very helpful. My kitchen cabinets are painted BM Cabot Trail (mesa verde tan) and I am wondering if Edgecomb Gray would be a good color to put on the walls. I have a sample, but I can’t really tell if they “go” together. What color would you suggest for the walls? I’d like to use the same color throughout the house. I tried SW accessible beige but I really see the green coming through - nobody else does, so maybe it’s just me. Any suggestions? Thanks so very much!


Monday 7th of March 2022

I like Edgecomb Gray with Cabot Trail. I think it is a great choice!


Thursday 24th of February 2022

Hello! Great information. I am painting the majority of my lake house in edgecomb gray. I have a 2 story family room with several windows and lots of light. I’d like to paint the fireplace wall an accent color and am unsure what to do. The fireplace is stone. Any suggestions!


Monday 7th of March 2022

Hi Lisa! I like Edgecomb Gray with Hale Navy, Van Deusen Blue, Revere Pewter, and Kendall Charcoal. Not sure what sort of shade you're looking for, but there are a few neutrals and a couple of blues to get you started!


Saturday 5th of February 2022

Hi Lauren ! I am redoing my kitchen. I like very much your information provided on this site. Much helpful. Many thanks . You have good taste .

I have an open concept : kitchen, dining room and living room all open. I was thinking of the walls to be painted Edgecomb gray . I will have painted cabinets ( colour to be yet chosen) , white marble countertops and back splash ( with gray veins) , and my floor light oak .

I have a question for you : Which colour would you recommend for the cabinets of the kitchen and the trim to go with Edgecomb gray walls ?

Many thanks for your help , Kindly Marjolaine


Monday 7th of February 2022

Hi Marjolaine! Thank you! I would look at Chantilly Lace probably. It is a clean bright white. The limiting factor in your space is going to be your countertops. Marble is typically cool in nature, and putting a warm white (which would go with with the other elements in the kitchen) won't work as well with the marble. It will make the cabinets look dingy, which you probably don't want. Chantilly Lace is clean and bright. Check it out and see what you think!


Sunday 9th of January 2022

Hello. We have Edgecomb Gray in our bedrooms and living room dining room and I want to do a more beige/greige clay or linen colour in the hallway and entryway as that colour would work better. Do you have any suggestions as to a colour that would be okay with Edgecomb. I looked at Manchester Tan but not sure. Any advice would be appreciated.


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

Hi Janice! For a linen color, Linen White is nice with Edgecomb Gray. For a more beige color, Shaker Beige is nice. Its not perfect with Edgecomb Gray, but if they're not in the same spaces, it should be okay.


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

I love edgecomb gray. I was thinking about doing my whole house edgecomb gray. I plan to have a dark stained wood island. Do you have any recommendations for creamy cabinet colors that would be a pretty with edgecomb? I was looking at ballet white.


Saturday 11th of December 2021

@Lauren, hi! I am so glad to have found you and thank you for such a cohesive article on EG. I’m about to paint my whole house in EG. I have a guest bathroom that I’m thinking of painting EG walls and ceiling- but not sure how that would look?? My trim is White Dove and also painting kitchen cabinets (satin finish) White Dove. Im stuck in what color for my island . I have a small to medium kitchen space with the island in the middle. I have tropical brown granite - Should I paint it an accent color or same as cabinets? My granite is dark (brown/black with some dark green). Thank you for your time! G


Wednesday 8th of December 2021

Hi Katie! Cloud White, White Dove or Swiss Coffee would all be good creamy colors to pair with Edgecomb Gray. Ballet White doesn't have a lot of contrast from Edgecomb Gray though, so I would probably go with a lighter cabinet color, unless you wanted them to really blend. In that case, I might just do Edgecomb Gray in a semi-gloss on the cabinets (the higher sheen will make it look a little lighter), or I would have Edgecomb Gray mixed at 50% or something to make it a bit lighter. If you went with Ballet White, you run the risk of the undertones not working together as well. Hope this helps!