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Manchester Tan, by Benjamin Moore Explained

Manchester Tan is a beige paint color by Benjamin Moore.

It is a popular paint color that is part of the Benjamin Moore Favorites fan deck. This means that it is one of the top 75 best selling paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

Manchester Tan has the identifiers of HC-81 and 995. It was originally a part of Benjamin Moore’s Classics collection, and later included in the Historical Colors Collection due to its timeless elegance.

If you’re looking for a beige paint color, keep reading for all the details on Manchester Tan.

What Color is Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan?

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

Manchester Tan is a beige paint color. It is reminiscent of sandstone, which is where it got its name.

Many beige paint colors are coming back in style in recent years, and Manchester Tan is one of them. It has has always had a following, but is becoming more mainstream.

This is because it a mature, modern looking beige that looks neutral and sophisticated in homes.

It works in many different style homes, from farmhouse to traditional to transitional and more.

Manchester Beige is one of my favorite beiges because it looks neutral and earthy, almost creamy, but not pink or orange. It is a gorgeous, updated beige option for a home.

Is Manchester Tan Warm or Cool?

Manchester Tan Benjamin Moore Paint Drop

Like all beiges, Manchester Tan is a warm paint color that is soft and cozy.

Manchester Tan gives off more energy as a neutral than a gray paint color will, but it still maintains a neutral, understated look.

Manchester Tan Undertones

Manchester Tan is a beige paint color, but all paint colors have undertones that may up their specific look.

Manchester Tan has strong yellow undertones and faint green undertones. The yellow undertones are definitely heavier in Manchester Tan, but once in a while you can see Manchester Tan look a bit greenish.

Manchester Tan also has the tiniest bit of gray in it, toning it down just a bit from some of the more energetic beiges.

Manchester Tan LRV

Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore

Manchester Tan has an LRV of 63.24.

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. It is number on a scale that goes from 0, which is completely black, to 100, which is completely white.

The LRV scale tells us information about how light or dark a paint color is, and relatedly, how much light a color will reflect back into a a room.

An LRV of 63 means that Manchester Tan is on the lighter end of the scale and will reflect a lot of light back into a room. It tends to work in rooms with an average amount of light.

Of course, like any paint color, Manchester Tan really looks its best when it is well supported by natural and ambient light sources.

In cooler morning or Northern lighting, Manchester Tan will still look warm but less energetic than it looks at other times. You may even see a bit of the green undertone in it.

In warmer afternoon or Southern lighting, Manchester Tan looks very warm, and like a strong beige favoring its yellow undertone.

Dim lighting will significantly gray Manchester Tan out, hiding its yellow undertone a bit and making it look more greyed out.

What Color Goes with Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan?

Manchester Tan goes well with creams, darker beiges with similar undertones, reds, blues, and greens.

If you want a specific color palette for Manchester Tan, check out Bleeker Beige and Georgian Brick. Together, this warm color palette works well in traditional style homes.

Colors That Go With Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan  - Bleeker Beige and Georgian Brick

For a more coastal, transitional or modern style home, check out this color palette for Manchester Tan. White Ice and Constellation bring a cool, balanced look to a room with Manchester Tan walls.

Colors That Go With Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan - White Ice and Constellation

What Trim Colors Go with Manchester Tan?

Manchester Tan tends to look best with a soft, warm white trim paint color.

Manchester Tan Benjamin Moore Trim Colors

My favorite trim color for Manchester Tan is Simply White. Simply White has a yellow undertone, but you really won’t ever notice it unless you put it next to a very stark, cool white. With Manchester Tan, Simply White looks perfectly white but not too creamy.

If you really don’t like soft white paint colors, you can also use Chantilly Lace with Manchester Tan. It is a bit bright for the softer look of Manchester Tan, but still goes well and will be pretty. Additionally, Chantilly Lace tends to go with most any paint color, so its a great choice for a trim color if you tend to repaint your walls frequently.

Where Can I Use Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan?

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

Manchester Tan is a great paint color for walls anywhere in the home. It works in living rooms, dining rooms, entryways, bedrooms and more.

Finally, Manchester Tan is a good color for home exteriors. It has been included in Benjamin Moore’s Colors for Vinyl collection because it works well with many home exterior colors.

BM Manchester Tan vs Other Paint Colors

If you are considering Manchester Tan, there are probably several other paint colors that you should consider as well.

People tend to find beige paint colors difficult to choose.

There are some that are amazing and others that are horrible (and of course, this is all based on your own personal preference).

Some beige paint colors looks very dated, while others look fresh and modern. And finally, pairing a beige to the other neutrals in your space can be difficult, because you really need to pay attention to the undertones you have going on.

So, let’s take a few minutes to look at Manchester Tan and compare it to some other popular beige and tan paint colors and see if that can help you determine which will be best for you.

Manchester Tan vs. Natural Linen

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan vs Natural Linen

Natural Linen is a warm, off white paint color by Sherwin Williams. It is a light and airy sort of beige paint color.

The difference between Manchester Tan and Natural Linen is that Natural Linen is a little bit lighter and more pink.

Manchester Tan has a more beige look, while Natural Linen comes off a bit more like an off-white.

Manchester Tan vs. Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan vs Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray is a popular Benjamin Moore greige paint color. It is a similar depth to Manchester Tan, with an identical LRV.

The difference between Manchester Tan and Edgecomb Gray is that Edgecomb Gray doesn’t have nearly the same beige quality to it because it has a good bit more gray.

Both are warm colors, but Manchester Tan is much warmer than Edgecomb Gray.

Manchester Tan is a better choice is you want a true beige shade, and not one that is on the greige spectrum.

Manchester Tan vs. Grant Beige

Manchester Tan vs. Grant Beige

Grant Beige is a beige paint color by Benjamin Moore. It is a little bit darker than Manchester Tan.

The difference between Grant Beige and Manchester Tan is that Grant Beige has a green undertone, while Manchester Tan has a yellow undertone.

Both have a bit of gray in them, but Grant Beige has more gray in it than Manchester Tan.

Manchester Tan vs. Accessible Beige

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan vs Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige is a popular greige paint color by Sherwin Williams. Accessible Beige has a bit more gray in it than most beiges, which is why it falls into the greige category.

Accessible Beige has a bit more color to it than Manchester Tan, but not much. It is still a light paint color, and very neutral.

Accessible Beige is different from Manchester Tan due to the gray in it. Also, Accessible Beige has a green undertone, which makes is not quite as warm as Manchester Tan.

Manchester Tan vs. Muslin

Manchester Tan vs. Muslin

Muslin is a Benjamin Moore paint color that is included in the Off White Collection.

Muslin is a beige paint color with pink undertones. It is slightly warmer than Manchester Tan.

If you want a more traditional beige, Muslin is a better option. If you want a more updated beige, Manchester Tan is the better pick.

Of course, you want to make sure that the undertones of the beige you choose work in your space, so if you have a lot of other warm neutrals with pink undertones, be sure to get a sample of Muslin to see if it works for your home.

Manchester Tan vs. Canvas Tan

Manchester Tan vs. Canvas Tan

Canvas Tan is a beige paint color by Sherwin Williams.

It is actually very similar in depth and composition to Manchester Tan.

Manchester Tan has a hint more yellow and green, but really, they are quite similar.

Between the two, Canvas Tan has less in the way of undertones, so if you’re worried about that, Canvas Tan might be the better choice.

Manchester Tan vs. Bleeker Beige

Manchester Tan vs. Bleeker Beige

Bleeker Beige is a darker beige Benjamin Moore paint color.

Bleeker Beige has a good bit more color to it than Manchester Tan. It actually is a good accent color for Manchester Tan, as they go well together even though they aren’t exactly the same.

Bleeker Beige is going to be too dark to be a good all over the house paint color for most homes, but if you have an overly bright home, it may work for you.

Manchester Tan vs. Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan vs Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular greige paint colors. It is a little bit darker than Manchester Tan, and also has more gray in it.

When you compare Manchester Tan with Revere Pewter, Manchester Tan looks very beige and Revere Pewter looks like a warm gray.

Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

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Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan paint color

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