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Fawn Brindle Paint Color

Sherwin William’s Fawn Brindle paint color is a perfect neutral. Since it is primarily a greige, it has strong brown and gray undertones.

Fawn Brindle was chosen by Pottery Barn as one of their featured Sherwin Williams’ colors in Fall/Winter 2013, and the muted yet dramatic hue has maintained its appeal since.

Fawn Brindle Undertones

While Sherwin William’s Agreeable Gray is a gray greige with brown undertones, Fawn Brindle is a brown greige with gray undertones.

Sherwin Williams Fawn Brindle

By the color strip, Fawn Brindle has green undertones as well. By this, I mean that if you look at the color strip at Sherwin Williams, the darkest tone on it is a greenish color.

In theory, and Sherwin Williams representatives will tell you, that all of the colors on the strip are the same color, with varying amounts of white. I have never been completely sure about this though, because the colors on the strip look pretty different to me from left to right.

Take a look at the picture below and see what you think:

If you’re thinking about painting your home Fawn Brindle, here are some things to know about this amazing color.

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Fawn Brindle Light Reflectance Value

Fawn Brindle is relatively dark when painted on a wall.

It has a LRV (light reflectance value) of 36. Black has a LRV of 0 and white has an LRV of 100, so you can see that Fawn Brindle is on the darker end of the scale.

Don’t count it out yet though.

One of the things that is great about paint is that you can choose a base color that you love, but lighten it up!

I chose Fawn Brindle because I loved that it was a brown greige, without being TOO brown. When I looked at the related colors (going up or down the paint swatch), the lighter colors just looked tan to me. For example, Ethereal Mood is the color just above Fawn Brindle, meaning that it, in theory, is a lighter version of Fawn Brindle.

But see how tan it is? It loses a lot of the gray tones.

Making Fawn Brindle Lighter

Instead of choosing Ethereal Mood, I asked Sherwin Williams to mix a can of Fawn Brindle paint for me at 75%. This means that if they usually put 10 drops of a pigment in, they would tell the computer to only put in 7.5 drops of that pigment. So it is the SAME color as the original color, but just a true lighter version of it.

Here is how it looks on my walls at 75% of the original pigment.

Even at 75%, Fawn Brindle is still dark.

It definitely makes a statement, and unless you have a large home with a ton of light, I would recommend having Sherwin Williams mix it at 50%.

I wanted a bold color in my dining room, but failed to notice that there was no break in the wall, and I would have to run the color through into my hallway. In my dining room, Fawn Brindle at 75% is great! In my hallway, it is a little dark.

That’s okay though. I’ve been looking forward to trying out a board and batten wall somewhere in my home, and the hallway is a perfect place to do it. A white board and batten wall, paired with a darker Fawn Brindle upper, will contrast beautifully! Stay tuned for that transformation!

Not sure if Fawn Brindle will work in your house?

Pick up a 12×12 stick on square made with real Sherwin Williams paint! You can apply this paint sample to your wall to see exactly how the color will look in your home. Plus, there is a coupon for $5 off your first order, making the sample almost free!

Conclusion on Fawn Brindle

Fawn Brindle is a gorgeous color that is perfect for a well lit room. If your room does not have many windows, I would recommend having Sherwin Williams lighten it up to 75% or 50% of its original formula.

Alternatively, it is perfect for a room that has white wainscoting or beadboard, and looks gorgeous with white accents.

If you have a darker room, lighten Fawn Brindle up for an amazing greige!

If you’re looking for a greige color, but aren’t set on Fawn Brindle, check out this list of the best greige paint colors. Agreeable Gray has been among Sherwin William’s most popular colors for years and is great in almost every home.

Getting Started With Painting

Need a painter? Click here to find a painting professional in your area!

If you want to paint your home on your own, check out this post on how to paint a room.

Want to see all your paint options in one convenient place? Click here to pick up a Sherwin Williams fan deck (contains all SW colors) or a Benjamin Moore Collections fan deck (contains many popular BM colors – other fan decks sold separately)!

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Fawn Brindle Paint Color

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Sunday 18th of April 2021

I just used Fawn Brindle for the exterior of my home which faces East and we love it, feels both classic and current


Thursday 29th of April 2021

I'm so glad you love it Monica! It is a gorgeous color for an exterior!

Susie Root

Thursday 17th of September 2020

I am painting my kitchen and dining room living room fawn brindle, it is an open floor plan but want to color my living room a cozy but light color to go with fawn brindle. Our kitchen cabinets will be painted alabaster. Do yo have any suggestions about the lighter color for living room


Friday 18th of September 2020

Hi Susie! You should check out Sherwin William's 2013 Pottery Barn palette. It has Fawn Brindle, and lists several lighter colors that would go well with it. Among the paint colors are Downy, Ibis White, Intimate White and Steamed Milk. Google it and see if there is a shade you like! :)