Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

Colonnade Gray (frequently spelled Collonade Gray) is one of Sherwin William’s “timeless paint colors.” It has been popular for years, and will likely be popular for years to come. Colonnade Gray is a classic, enduring color that has wide appeal.

Why is this color called Colonnade Gray?

A colonnade is a group of pillars or support system for a roof. They were frequently used in ancient architecture and in traditional styled modern architecture. This style of supports have survived the test of time, both in popularity and in longevity.

Because of this meaning, I would speculate that Sherwin Williams’ chose this name for the striking shade because of its classic appeal. While it is not a dark color, it is strong, and will lend a bit of depth to a room.

In addition, colonnades were typically constructed out of earthen material – whether it was marble, limestone or painted timber.

Colonnade Gray is a distinctive gray/beige shade, reminiscent of the color of ancient colonnade pillars.

Colonnade Gray Undertones

Colonnade Gray has beige, gray and green undertones. It will never look green on your walls, but when paired next to a bluish gray or a purple-ish gray, it will be evident that the undertones of Colonnade are different.

Here, you can see Colonnade Gray when compared to a blue gray, purple gray, true gray and beige gray. This demonstrates how the green and beige undertones become more evident.

Is Colonnade Gray warm or cool?

Colonnade is a neutral color with a bit of warmth to it. While many grays lean cool given their bluish undertones, Colonnade has beige undertones, making it lean slightly towards a warm color.

Is Colonnade Gray a greige color?

Yes! Colonnade Gray is a greige that leans more beige than gray, but will definitely look gray on your walls.

Greige paint colors are hugely popular right now. They are perfectly neutral. They can go with brown wood furniture, gray upholstery, white trim, or pops of whatever color you choose. Because of this, they are an amazing foundational shade for your home’s color scheme.

How dark is Colonnade Gray?

When compared to many greiges, Colonnade is actually on the lighter side. Sherwin Williams’ rates the Light Reflective Value (LVR) at 53, which puts it in their light category. While it will have a bit more depth than the popular Agreeable Gray, Repose Gray and Accessible Beige, it won’t make the room feel smaller, and will highlight white trim in a very nice way.

Where should I use Colonnade Gray?

Colonnade Gray is a perfect shade to anchor a whole house color scheme. Paired with crisp white trim, and colors that lean warm, Colonnade Gray will go nicely in main living areas, hallways, entryways and dining rooms.

I used Colonnade Gray in the basement of my home when I was looking for a greige that had a bit more depth to it than my tried and true choice of Agreeable Gray. I love how it looked when paired with the shiplap accent wall I made, and thought that it was a great choice for the space.

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Final Thoughts on Colonnade Gray

Colonnade Gray is a timeless, neutral color that will work well in most homes.

If you’re not sure about Colonnade Gray, be sure to check out Sherwin Williams’ Top paint colors. There is sure to be something on the list that you like!

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Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

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Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

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  1. Hi, Can you help me with color scheme for different rooms(like u have for agreeable gray) for Colonnade gray. I am planning on colonnade gray in main formal living area, hallways, entryways , great room kitchen and dining rooms. I need coordinating color for my bedrooms and kitchen with accent an accent color.


    1. Hi Shabeena! Colonnade can be interchanged with Agreeable Gray in the whole house color scheme that I use. You can go with all the same colors but use Colonnade Gray as the anchor color. If you want a different sort of scheme, feel free to comment back with some ideas of what colors you like and I may be able to give you some ideas on specific paint shades.

  2. Hey there! Similar to Shabeena I need help choosing a color that goes well with Colonnade gray. Right now my back dining room is BM Salamander and my front living room is SW Colonnade Gray. In between these two rooms is my kitchen with white cabinets. I am looking for a neutral (preferably gray) color for my kitchen that blends the two rooms since it is the separator between the dining and living room. Please note that I live in a row home so my house goes back in depth. I get a lot of lighting in my living room and dining room but since my kitchen is dead in the center of my home it has no windows so the light it does receive is from the front and back rooms. I would love to to have an industrial look to it so I was even considering something like this photo ( where there is two tones of black and gray. I’m just not sure if this will be too dark for my room. I also use a lot of copper and wood accents around the house to keep the industrial / raw material vibe throughout. Any recommendation on a kitchen color would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and thanks for your awesome posts!

    1. Hi Tina! Sounds like a great place! I love the Salamander color! For the kitchen, I would worry that a very dark color would just be too dark for the entire room, due to there not being any natural light. But, if you want to do two different colors like in the picture, I would consider Gauntlet Gray or Chelsea Gray (Benjamin Moore) for the dark color. Eider White would be a good white option that leans gray for the rest of the room. Good luck with your painting!

  3. Hello!
    I have always used two different shades of grays in our home. We recently moved and I was wondering if Colonnade would look nice with gold/bronze accents, apple green curtain panels and white wainscoting, crown moldering, trim and window seals. I also would like a lighter color gray in the foyer. Should I use Agreeable Gray for the foyer or Colonnade and Agreeable in the living room and dining room.

    1. Hi Dionne! Colonnade would be very nice with those accents you mentioned. Because it has both gray and beige in it, it is very versatile. For a lighter gray for the foyer, Modern Gray would pair nicely with Colonnade, but it can look a little more tan depending on the light. Gossamer Veil is also an option. Agreeable Gray may look just the same as Colonnade, as they’re pretty similar colors. I find that when I paint similar colors in different rooms, it doesn’t necessarily look like different colors, but more like the light is different. For whether you do Colonnade as the main color or Agreeable Gray, its up to you! Both are perfectly great neutral options that will go with just about anything. Colonnade is slightly darker, so it’ll be a bit more of a statement against white trim, while Agreeable Gray is gorgeous but a bit more understated. You can’t go wrong with either though!

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