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Sherwin Williams White Truffle Review

White Truffle, by Sherwin Williams, is having a moment right now. If you’ve been reading my website for very long, you know that I’ve reviewed over 100 specific paint colors, from cool grays to warm whites and everything in between.

What I don’t write about much is pink or purple paint colors. Sure, I have a few articles, such as Sherwin Williams Romance and Sherwin Williams Redend Point. But since pinks and purples aren’t a go-to paint colors for many people, I don’t spend a lot of time discussing them.

But, trends are changing, and right now a gorgeous soft purplish taupe is gaining popularity – SW White Truffle.

So, let’s delve into this cozy, rosy shade and find out whether this is the right paint color for your home.

All About Sherwin Williams White Truffle

Sherwin Williams White Truffle Paint Color

SW White Truffle, or SW 6029, is described by Sherwin Williams as a, “soft, dusty hue has a calming effect – perfect for bedrooms or nurseries. Its red-violet undertone gives this neutral a hint of rosiness.”

Let’s unpack this statement, because there is a lot there.

White Truffle is a light paint color that has a good bit of gray and beige in it, a hint of red, a dash of purple. I would say that it is a beige paint color with gray, red and purple undertones. But you could convince me that it is a purple paint color with beige, gray and red undertones too.

Sherwin Williams includes White Truffle in their Red Paint Colors category, but I would say that White Truffle could also be considered a taupe shade.

Taupe is a beige and gray blend with a pink or purple undertone. White Truffle fits this definition perfectly.

But, White Truffle has a lot more color to it than some of the other taupe paint colors that I’ve reviewed in the past. Other notable taupes include Benjamin Moore Pale Oak, Sherwin Williams Kestrel White and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist.

When you compare White Truffle to Balboa Mist, Pale Oak or Kestrel White, you can see why Sherwin Williams put it in their Reds category. It has SO much more red and purple color to it than these popular taupes.

Sherwin Williams White Truffle vs Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

Sherwin Williams also calls White Truffle a neutral, but its not the most neutral of neutrals. It is definitely a pinkish purple shade.

If you saw White Truffle by itself, you may say, “Yeah, thats a neutral color.” But if you compare it to a true neutral, you would say, “Oh, actually its a light purple.”

It may be a bit confusing, but thats how color works! A shade can look very different depending on what is around it.

White Truffle LRV and Lighting Considerations

Sherwin Williams White Truffle has an LRV of 60. This means that White Truffle is a light color, but that it has some depth to it. It will reflect a good amount of light around a room, and will work in most spaces.

As always, you need to have adequate light to make White Truffle really shine. And the type of light you have will make a difference in how White Truffle looks on your walls.

With cooler light or in a northern facing room, White Truffle will take on a more neutral look. You’ll still see that pinky purple look it has, but it will be more subdued.

In warm lighting or in a southern facing room, White Truffle will really lean into its purple undertone. The warmth in White Truffle will take center stage, and the paint shade will look very feminine.

Is Sherwin Williams White Truffle Warm or Cool?

Sherwin Williams White Truffle is a warm paint color. Warm paint colors include shades in the red, pink, purple, orange and yellow families.

Warm paint colors like White Truffle feel cozy, almost like a hug.

What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams White Truffle?

White Truffle looks good with other warm paint colors that have pink/purple undertones, crisp whites, blacks, cool grays, and some blue greens.

Sherwin Williams recommend pairing White Truffle with Cultured Pearl, Dover White and Quietude.

Sherwin Williams White Truffle Coordinating Colors - Cultured Pearl, Dover White and Quietude

Some other paint colors that go well with White Truffle are Eider White, Toque White, Snowbound, and Rainwashed.

If you’re looking for a trim paint color to go with SW White Truffle, two great options are Pure White or High Reflective White. Both will look clean and crisp against White Truffle.

High Reflective White is Sherwin Williams lightest and brightest paint color. It looks just pure white.

Pure White actually has a hint of yellow and gray in it, but it doesn’t look yellow or gray. It is just a little bit softer than High Reflective White.

A third option would be to paint your trim in Snowbound. Snowbound is a little bit less versatile than High Reflective White or Pure White though, so if you think you’ll want to repaint the walls before you repaint the trim, I’d suggest sticking with a safer option like Pure White or High Reflective White.

Where to Use SW White Truffle

White Truffle is a great paint color for bedrooms. It will give a bedroom a neutral-ish warmth that is perfect for nurseries, girl’s bedrooms or master bedrooms with a feminine touch.

You can use White Truffle in a living room or dining room, but it will be best in a space that is going for a glam look.

Sherwin Williams White Truffle in room with white table and plant

White Truffle can also be used in a bathroom. It will work best with chrome, black, or brushed nickel metals.

Warm taupes like White Truffle look great with warm red wood tones in flooring or furniture. It will also look beautiful next to crisp white furniture.

Wondering How To Pick the Perfect Paint Color?

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SAMPLIZE Peel and Stick Paint Samples

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Final Thoughts on Sherwin Williams White Truffle

Sherwin Williams White Truffle is a soft, gorgeous shade of purplish taupe. It is considered by some to be a neutral, but this paint color has a good bit of pink and purple hues in it.

White Truffle is a great color for a bedroom that you want to give a cozy, feminine look. It is gaining in popularity due to the increase in people loving warm shades.

If you are interested in neutral pink shades, check out the best neutral pink paint colors.

If you like taupe paint shades, check out this list of the best taupe paint colors.

Or, if you’re more interested in pink paint shades, I have a list of the best pink paint colors too.

Have a question? Leave me a comment! Remember to check back for a response – it may take me up to a week or two depending on how busy I am, but I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Smith

Friday 5th of January 2024

I think I like this color! I’m wondering if you think it would work in my master bathroom. It has dark, but reflective charcoal or graphite tile in it. It also has white fixtures and some silver metallic trim as well as a warm walnut vanity. Might sound weird but “it works” all together. Thanks!


Friday 5th of January 2024

Hi Kathy! Yes, it sounds like this color may work well in your bathroom. If you aren't quite sold on White Truffle, you can also check out these neutral pink paint colors!