Wall Colors for Honey Oak Cabinets

Choosing the right paint color can bring a tired room back to life, and can make an outdated kitchen with honey oak cabinets look updated.

Honey oak cabinets were so popular in the 90s. If you had honey oak cabinets… you had arrived. But now, that orangey look is a bit outdated. One way to really update your kitchen, even with those honey oak cabinets, is to paint it.

A note about color…

When choosing a wall paint color it is important to remember that honey oak cabinets bring more of a “color” to a kitchen than other wood cabinets. And the color they bring is orange. Your job in choosing a paint color is to pick one that downplays the orange, but also coordinates with it.

These paint picks, from Sherwin Williams, are a great place to start finding your perfect shade to pair with your honey oak cabinets.

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Here are 5 amazing paint colors to go with honey oak cabinets.

1. Steamed Milk (SW7554)

Steamed Milk, by Sherwin Williams, is one of my all time favorite paint colors. It goes with everything.

Steamed Milk has an LRV (light reflectance value) of 76. Sherwin Williams classifies it as a “light” color.

When you see Steamed Milk on your walls, it looks like a soft, creamy off-white.

Several years ago, I moved into a home that not only had honey oak kitchen cabinets, but also had honey oak moulding. I immediately painted the walls with Steamed Milk, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Here is a picture of the kitchen with Steamed Milk on the walls.

Wall Colors for Honey Oak Cabinets

Steamed Milk, and other light creamy colors, are great choices to pair with honey oak cabinets if you want to moderate the tones in the wood. Since cream colored paints have similar undertones to wood, choosing a paint color like Steamed Milk creates a cohesive look.

In case you’re interested, we updated this whole kitchen on a shoestring budget. Check out what we did and the after pics here.

2. Rainwashed (SW6211)

Rainwashed, by Sherwin Williams, is the perfect bluish green color to coordinate with your honey oak kitchen cabinets.

This cool color will accent the warm tones in your honey oak cabinets and create a nice contrast to the rich orange hues.

It has an LRV of 59. While it is categorized as “light” by Sherwin Williams, I would consider it to be a light-medium shade. Rainwashed has enough depth that it makes a statement in the room but doesn’t make the room feel smaller.

It is very similar to Sea Salt, one of Sherwin William’s all time most popular colors. Rainwashed is better with honey oak cabinets, though, because it has a little more blue in it than Sea Salt does, and accents the orange in the oak in a beautiful way.

Sea Salt is a gorgeous shade to pair with lighter, less orangy wood and darker wood tones though, so don’t count it out completely! Find out more about Sea Salt here.

Rainwashed is such a pretty shade that, not only did I use it in my kitchen, I also chose it as one of the best blues from Sherwin Williams.


You can check out more about Rainwashed here.

3. Mint Condition (SW6743)

If you’re looking for a green that has a little more pop, check out Sherwin William’s Mint Condition paint.

This brighter green shade is another cool color that will accent own cabinets instead of tempering the colors in the wood like a warm color will.

Mint Condition has an LRV of 73, meaning that it has just slightly more depth than Steamed Milk. It is a light, but still bright shade.

If you’re someone who likes a little bit of color on your walls, this shade will do the trick. It is bright enough to make a statement but also subdued enough to blend easily with multiple types of decor.

4. Charcoal Blue (SW2739)

Charcoal Blue, by Sherwin Williams, goes great with honey oak cabinets. In fact, any dark, almost navy blue will go great with your oak cabinets.

This blue, and all dark blues, are cool colors that will accent the cabinets.

Charcoal Blue has an LRV of 6. This is a DARK shade! If you have a kitchen with a TON of natural light or vaulted ceilings, this may be a good option for you. If your kitchen doesn’t have many windows, I would steer away from this shade.

This smokey dark blue color pairs so well with the orangey tone of the wood.

5. Balmy (SW6512)

Balmy is an amazing light blue!

Balmy has an LRV of 66, and is a light color. It has a little more depth than a powder blue, and almost feels like a SUPER light navy.

If you like the Charcoal Blue color, but don’t want to go with a color that dark, this Balmy is a great pick for you.

It is also one of Sherwin William’s top paint colors for beach homes and coastal style decor.

6. Accessible Beige (SW7036)

Sherwin William’s Accessible Beige is a beige paint color that has slight gray undertones.

Accessible Beige has an LRV of 58, which is considered “light.” This beige is Sherwin Williams best selling beige because it is versatile and goes well with many styles of decor.

Since Accessible Beige is a warm shade, it will blend with the cabinets more than a cool color will, softening the look of the wood tones and creating a more cohesive feel to the space.

This warm shade is a good coordinating color for honey oak cabinets. Since it is a neutral, it goes with most decor. Against white trim, it is dark enough to make a statement.

7. Mindful Gray (SW7016)

Mindful Gray is a warm greige paint color. Greige paint colors are shades that are a mix of beige and gray. Mindful Gray leans more towards gray, making it a good shade to pair with oak cabinets if you want to accent the color of the wood.

While it is a warm shade with purple undertones, it has enough gray in it that it won’t blend with the cabinets.

Mindful Gray has an LRV of 48, which Sherwin Williams still classifies as “light.” Don’t be fooled though. Mindful Gray is not really a light color. It should be reserved for a room with lots of windows or high ceilings.

Greige paint colors are super in style right now. If you’re looking to make your honey oak cabinets look more modern, Mindful Gray, or another amazing greige paint color, should be on your shortlist.

Choosing the right paint color for honey oak cabinets makes all the difference.

Hopefully these paint colors will inspire you to paint your kitchen to really update the look.

Wondering how to pick the perfect paint color?

I have a great solution for you!

Samplize sells 12×12 stick on paint squares in almost every paint color. These eco-friendly, peel and stick squares are made from real paint, so they will show you exactly what the paint color will look like.

I love Samplize squares because they are able to be placed on your wall and peel right off when you’re done. You can move these paint squares around your room to easily tell whether a color will go in your home, with your furnishings and accents, and with your lighting.

Plus, you can pick the perfect paint color without having to run to the store or open a can of paint, and you won’t be pressured into picking a color because you have a bunch of different sample colors painted on your walls!

Oh, and you get free shipping and $5 off your first order – that is basically like getting one square for free!

For some other paint colors that go with natural wood, check this post out!

Another easy way to update your honey oak cabinets is to change out the hardware.

Get rid of those gold pulls and knobs (which, in more modern styles, are actually back in fashion!) because they pull more orange into the kitchen when you have honey oak cabinets.

Instead, pick up some black or bronze knobs and pulls, as they help to neutralize the orange that your eye sees in the wood. Here are a Bronze Bar Pull and a Black Cup Pull to inspire you! I’ve personally used the Cosmas brand and they are a great quality product.

If you want to update your kitchen without replacing your honey oak cabinets, check this out!

Adding cabinets of a different color is a great way to compliment your current wood cabinets. Have a two toned kitchen is called a “tuxedo” kitchen – and they are highly desirable. According to Zillow, homes with tuxedo kitchens can sell for as much as $6000 more than comparable homes.

Check out how I added gorgeous white cabinets on a wall in my kitchen, as an accent to my oak cabinets.

Mixing Oak Cabinets with White Cabinets

Other Resources to Help You Paint Your Kitchen

Before you start, make sure you choose the right paint sheen for your kitchen. You need one that is both durable and scrubbable, since kitchen walls tend to need wiped up a lot more than other walls in your house.

If you’re looking to hire someone to paint your home, you can be connected with a painting professional in your area by clicking here!

Final Thoughts on Wall Paint Colors that Go With Honey Oak Cabinets

Choosing the right paint color to go with your honey oak cabinets is important in updating your kitchen, but it is most important to choose a color that you love!

I hope this list inspires you! And remember to check out the painting resources to help you as you go.

Want more paint color ideas? Check out the best colors for wood trim!

Wall Colors for Honey Oak Cabinets

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Wall Colors for Honey Oak Cabinets

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  1. Painting walls with steamed milk.
    What color to paint kitchen cabinets

    1. Hi Sharon! It completely depends on your preferences, but if you want the white kitchen look, Alabaster would be a nice color. Gray cabinets are also in, and Gray Matters is a popular color choice. Or, you could use a stain to change the shade of the wood. I did this in a honey oak kitchen and it made a big difference. There is minimal sanding, and no stripping. It’s like painting them a stain color that goes over your current stain. It’s a pretty easy DIY – definitely easier than painting them and getting a perfect paint job! Good luck, whatever you decide!

  2. Just finished painting my kitchen with oak cabinets with the Rainwashed color. It is an absolutely awesome change to my room. I think the color draws the eye away from the cabinets, which is exactly what I wanted.
    Thank you for the suggestions.

    1. Hi Jill! So glad to hear that Rainwashed worked well for you! I love that color – and have used it in a light wood kitchen as well. It is perfect for updating the look without being too much of a color, if that makes sense. Enjoy the new look of your kitchen!

  3. Hi Lauren. My cabinets and trim lean toward the medium oak color, more brown(and sometimes orange) than honey but definitely not dark. I can see a lot of grain as well. Also I have a light ceramic tile floor, whitish with some tan and gray in it. What paint colors do you suggest?

    1. Hi Joann! Your cabinet color sounds very similar to the one in my home. We haven’t updated the kitchen yet (too many projects!), but when we do, I am thinking about these colors to match medium oak cabinets: Agreeable Gray (its a greige and would probably look great with your floor), Rainwashed, Westhighland White, or maybe Silver Strand. As a general guide, go with a warm color, but not an orangy one, as an orangy color will highlight the orange in the wood. I’m actually loving the color cabinet you described right now! Paired with the right paint and some updated handles, you can really make it look in style. I’d love to hear what color you decide on!

  4. We have super orange maple cabinets that are similar to the oak and the walls are Macacdamia by Sherwin Williams And it compliments the cabinets well.

    1. That sounds really pretty, Melanie! Thanks for posting!!

  5. Can a gel stain be used over oak cabinets that have been sealed with oil based polyurethane?

    1. Hi Sandi! I used gel stain on my cabinets, which I’m 95% sure were finished with an oil based poly. Gel stain is an oil based product, so it should go over anything. You typically run into trouble when you put a water based product over an oil based one (but here it would be an oil product over an oil product, so you should be fine). Of course test it in a small spot, but I am pretty sure that it will work fine! Check out this post on gel stain if you’d like more info on how to use it.

  6. Lauren,
    I am in need of your advice. My living room (20′ x 40′) has honey oak floors, honey oak plank ceiling and natural oak crown molding, window/door trim and 6″ baseboards with beige walls! It’s orange overload. We do not want to paint the ceiling or restain the floors, but are leaning towards painting all the trim . crown molding white – possibly even a shiplap treatment on one one the short walls to brighten up the northwest facing room. Any color suggestions for the walls to “de-orange” this room?

    1. Hi Audrey! I’ll be that room was absolutely stunning when it was made – all that woodwork! Sadly, as you know, the honey color of the wood hasn’t stood the test of time like some other shades have. I think painting the trim is a great idea. It’ll break up some of the orange tones in the wood and will make the white trim and crown molding stand out instead of the honey color. I had a home with honey colored floors and painting the wood trim made a huge difference. I might start there and see if you still think a shiplap wall is necessary. I fear that it make be overpowering to have shiplap planks on the walls and a planked ceiling. A great wall color to go with honey colored wood is Anew Gray. Since it is a greige color, it is very in style right now, and will draw your eyes away from the orange color. I think that a light color like Steamed Milk will actually accentuate the wood, as the darker color of the wood will draw your attention to it. A darker color like Anew Gray, highlighted with crisp white trim and molding, will make the room look up to date. Good luck!

  7. Lauren:

    All my rooms except the great room have dark wood trim, including the columns. I am not a fan of dark trim but my house has so much trim that I don’t want to paint. The window trim, baseboards, around the ceilings all have the dark trim. Any suggestions on a paint color? A color I can use throughout. Not a big fan of gray.

    1. Hi Mary! I’m working on a post about this right now! But, in the meantime… A white paint looks really gorgeous with dark wood trim. It is a very classic look, but is also very popular right now. Greek Villa, Aesthetic White, or Creamy would be good choices. For actual colors, a medium blue (ex. Smokey Blue), looks very stately. A light green such as Sea Salt or Comfort Gray would be very pretty. Watery is also a great shade that would go well with dark wood. One of the whites or Sea Salt are your best choices for a color you can use throughout the whole house, as they are neutrals. I hope you find a great color! I know that white trim is very popular right now, but I think that dark wood trim can also be very pretty!

  8. I love the way you don’t bash people’s existing cabinets. Fashions change constantly and just because something has been declared “dated” doesn’t mean it’s ugly. I love your suggestions on how to work with what you have. I have maple cabinets that changed from light, neutral wood to a red/dark yellow honey over time. The finish did not hold up and the bare wood seemed to be exposed in places so I couldn’t leave them as they were. I painted them white. It is not a job for the lazy. You remove doors, sand, prime do a few coats of paint and a couple of coats of non yellowing sealer. It will still chip a bit because that is life. I kept the leftover for touchups. I was told that maple does not accept stain well because it is such a hard wood so I painted. I don’t like to see designers ridiculing honey oak cabinets or any styles that were the “must have” of times past. The things these Trendy Wendys say you MUST HAVE today will be ridiculed by them in a few years. You are fantastic and I love your color suggestions!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I completely agree with you. Styles go in and out so quickly – often times just so that we all have to buy new things, it seems. Plus, those older type cabinets are so much of a better quality than the ones that I would replace them with (because solid wood cabinets are expensive!). I’ve painted my kitchen island before, and did the same process as you, and it is time consuming. I’ve also darkened existing cabinet stain with Polyshades, making it a more “trendy” color. I love any of the options, because style is a personal choice! Thanks for your comment! :).

  9. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for writing such a helpful post. Definitely gave me a lot more color options for our kitchen. Our kitchen looks pretty much like the picture of the kitchen painted with Rainwashed but we have uba tuba granite instead of the lighter countertops. Do you have any color suggestions that would work well with a dark granite and oak cabinets? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris! I’ve seen a color like Worldly Gray or Repose Gray used in a kitchen with oak cabinets and black granite and it looked amazing. Any of the light colors listed would go well with dark granite though. Black is a neutral, so it is very versatile. Other options are Tradewind or Silver Strand are pretty options also. Good luck Chris!

  10. We have builders grade honey oak cabinets. We are painting walls with accessible beige throughout the house. I would like suggestions on countertop colors and vinyl plank flooring. All of the trim around windows is white. I was thinking black matte looking counter or dark steel gray. I like the weathered gray/brown farmhouse looking floors but I think it may clash with the cabinets being an orange hint. It’s an open kitchen that is focal walking through the front door and opens to the family room so a lot of space and light.

    1. Hi Alisa! You could definitely do black countertops. I’ve seen it done with honey oak cabinets and it looks nice. You could also go with white. I would just steer away from anything that has more orangy tones in it, as this will accentuate the orange in the cabinets. On the floors, you could try a darker wood that has warm undertones (but not necessarily orange). I love the gray/brown weathered farmhouse flooring as well, but I agree that it may be hard to get it to work with the cabinet color. Grays are typically pretty cool colors, so I think that a warmer toned wood floor will coordinate better. We have very orangy floors in my current home, and when we updated the banisters I chose a dark but warm stain color to coordinate with, but not match the floor. The color is similar to Brown Mahogany, by General Finishes. If you love the grays, you could also consider using a gel stain to change the tone of your honey oak cabinets. It is easier than you’d think, and doesn’t require too much prep. Here’s how I did it in a previous home. Hope your kitchen remodel goes well!

  11. I have beautiful Honey Oak cabinets. I’m getting new counter tops and will be painting the walls. My new appliances are brushed stainless, trim is white now and was wondering what type and color counter tops and if Balmy would be a good color choice for walls.

    1. Hi Sandy! Any of the variations of white countertops are super in style, and would look really pretty paired with your cabinets, new appliances and painted trim. I’m excited for how the kitchen turns out!

  12. Lauren, hi, thank you for having the vision for color matching.
    Help, please.
    We are getting ready to sell our house and it was mentioned we change our kitchen color from the 90s yellow/gold to like a Tony Taupe, what, whats that color? I’m all confused.
    Well we have several colors going on in our house that I need an expert, you, hopefully you can help.
    Currently we have these “like” colors in our home,
    Sw6793 Bluebell (Family Room)
    Sw6462 Green Trance (Foyer)
    Sw6912 Glisten Yellow (Dining and Living Rooms)
    In the kitchen, we have the lighter oak cabinets, black granite top counters (tan/brown specs in it), black appliances, reddish/brownish like rust colored tiled backsplash (it matches color found in granite countertop), and to top it off, Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors. Help.
    Could you please provide us with some color options, so that new buyers would say Wow, pretty kitchen.
    Another question, if the mud room is off the kitchen and in sight when you are in kitchen, what color do you recommend for this room?
    Look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Sunny! It sounds like you have a lot of colors going on in your house right now, which is good if you love color! For selling a home though, its always best to stick with neutrals. So, for the rooms that you’re looking to paint, I would suggest painting them a light neutral shade, such as Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray or Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. Since you have several other colors going on in the house, I would probably stick to the same color in the rooms that you’re planning to paint. Both Edgecomb Gray and Agreeable Gray will go nicely with all the colors you listed, and will help provide buyers with a neutral backdrop for their own vision for the home. Tony Taupe is a fine color, but for selling a home, browns are sort of “out”. Greiges or warm grays are what is appealing most to current buyers. Good luck with selling your home!

      1. Lauren, thank you so much, you hit the nail on the head, the Edgecomb Gray is perfect! This color also looks good against our stone fireplace. I knew I could count on you, the expert. We painted all 4 bedrooms upstairs with Balboa Mist. So hopefully we are set and our home sells. I look forward to our new home and seeing what paint colors will look the best.
        Again thank you Lauren.

        1. You’re so welcome Sunny! I’m so happy that Edgecomb Gray worked for you. It is one of my favorites right now. Good luck with the sale!

  13. Hello. My kitchen and living room, plus a small hallway all merge together. Kitchen has orangish wood floors, living area light beige carpet and continues through rest of house, minus the foyer. I’m very tired looking at beige-yellow walls. What can I do with paint to help resolve my problem? (kitchen has dark marble counters). In advance I want to thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Patricia! My situation is similar in this home – orangy wood floors, light beige carpet. I just painted the walls Edgecomb Gray and I LOVE it. It is a great neutral that has a bit of gray in it along with beige, but no yellow. Having a greige color without yellow will help to make your home look more modern too.

  14. Lauren- I love this post, we just replaced our carpet with vinyl plank flooring and now I need to paint my open living room/kitchen/foyer and three bedrooms. But we have this honey oak trim from when we built in 2006. I hate orange, and I have a hard time reading it, but I need to hear it! So I am looking at rainwashed, cucumber, drift of mist and I will check out Grecian ivory too. But I wanted to know what you thought of Spinach white, I feel like it’s just a little lighter than cucumber? I love green so I’m trying to sneak that in, but want everything to flow. I’d like to try balmy in the master, but we have a dark like walnut bedroom set which really clashes with the honey oak trim. Would balmy work with darker wood as well?

    1. Hi Sarah! Spinach White is really pretty! I love that it is more muted, but will still look green on your walls. I think its a great choice, and it is a much more “in style” color than Cucumber is! Balmy is a great color too, and will definitely go with your darker wood. If you’re looking for colors that will go together, I would consider Balmy or Rainwashed (but perhaps not both unless the rooms cannot be seen from eachother), Spinach White, and Drift of Mist or Grecian Ivory (if you want A LOT of light). That would give you a blue, a green and a neutral that will all coordinate.

  15. Lauren,
    Looking to update my family room that has honey oak trim and cabinetry, from a darker tan to a lighter neutral. I’ve tried BM Manchester Tan, which didn’t go with my fireplace brick, and Edgecomb Grey, which I liked, but was worried wouldn’t flow with the rest of my warm neutral tones when we eventually replace all of the carpet. Any thoughts on BM White Sand with honey oak trim?

    1. Hi Pam! BM White Sand will be beautiful with honey oak trim! Good choice!

  16. So I read your article and decided to try Balmy for our spare bathroom with honey oak cabinets. I plan on changing the vanity at some point but it’s not in the budget. We had a really ugly dark tan in that bathroom from previous owners. I wanted something to brighten the room up a bit. I LOVE how much balmy goes with those cabinets and brightens the whole room! I’m seriously in love with it! It’s such a calming peaceful blue. Now I want to try some of the other lighter colors listed in our kitchen and upstairs bath! Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you love Balmy! It is such a pretty color! Thanks for letting me know – I appreciate you coming back to comment!

  17. Hi Lauren, I am hoping you can help me. I have oak kitchen cabinets, orange/oak trim around windows and baseboard and recessed fridge. We have cathedral ceiling in kitchen that has a orange tone wood staircase that goes up to the loft living room. Cedar is half way on upper walls. The floor is a darker oak. There is so much wood and the house is very tiny but cozy. The kitchen merges into a small dining area. The walls in these two areas currently have a mustard yellow. These rooms also face the West. It feels so dark and I would like to lighten it up. I’ve been reading about undertones of yellow, pink, blue and green. It can be so confusing. I have looked at creamy, divine white, dover white, steamed milk. I would like to downplay the orange tone in the wood. What colors would you recommend? I have never had such difficulty in picking a color. Stressed out, please help, Lori

    1. Hi Lori! Since you have so much wood in the rooms, and wood brings brown and orange tones, I would take a look at Creamy and Dover White. Steamed Milk and Diving White have a bit of yellow in them, and would look nice, but won’t necessarily downplay the orange. Creamy and Dover White have a bit of gray in them, and will pair nicely with the wood. I think you’d be happy with either! Don’t stress :). It’ll be beautiful when you’re done!

  18. Hi Lauren i have honey oak cabinets and was thinking of painting natural spring water. Do you thonk it would look nice .
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mimi! Yes I think that would be very pretty!

  19. Hi Lauren I have red orange oak cabinets, trim and baseboards in my whole house. I want to take away from the orange and red tone in my house to much!!!! Would a gray neutral color do that such as agreeable gray, balboa mist, classic gray or light pewter? I like green undertones not a fan of blue. Would you suggest any of there colors.

    1. Hi Carol! Yes, a gray neutral will definitely help! I agree with you – green undertones will work better than blue undertones to downplay the red/orange. So, Agreeable Gray, Revere Pewter, or Balboa Mist would be great choices!

  20. I’d like to repaint my dining room. We have a large pine table and beautiful pine hutch. What color would go with the yellow pine furniture? The room abuts our making entry hallway into the house which is Accessible Beige. The dining room has 2 west facing windows but honestly doesn’t get much light. Unfortunately when we open the blinds we see the fence and the neighbors house.

    1. Hi Jillinda! Since the room doesn’t get much light, a light paint color will be best. Greige colors, like Agreeable Gray, are nice because they go with everything. If you want something with a bit more color, check out Olympus (which has blue undertones) or Silver Strand (which has green undertones). Hope you find a great color!

  21. Thank you! You have been very helpful.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Deborah!

  22. Hi Lauren , need advice we have honey oak cabinets , walls are mayonnaise by Benjamin Moore and have terra cotta color tiles on the floor having concrete countertops made what color would you suggest ? Also green buffalo check wall paper in eating area is it possible to send pictures? It’s a big country kitchen.

    1. Hi Linda! You’re welcome to send pictures to my email (link at the top of the page if you’re on a computer, or at the bottom of the menu if you’re on a phone). If you’re interested in a wall color that will go with everything, I think you’re on the right track having light walls. Mayonnaise has a bit of a yellowy tone to it, so it likely brings out the orange in the wood and floors. White walls are super in style again, and colors such as Alabaster or Westhighland White would be great backdrops to the other colors you have in the room. If you want more a color, you could go with a greige such as Agreeable Gray or Repose Gray. Greiges are nice because they go with everything. Feel free to reach out if I didn’t answer your question!

  23. Hi I’m at my wits end! I am remodeling the kitchen on a budget and here you go. Appliances are black ok. The new counter is dark brown with flecks of tan and black(hubby picked out I wanted the whiter cause of the small kitchen) the backsplash is mosaic with tan, brown and black .Cabinets are a med oak(we r going to redo in a honey oak to upgrade and lighten a bit. Now the Walls??ugh! I love the sand color(forgot the name of it but it is one of The 5 colors. Am I better off going with the Rainwash or a Gray cause I do have a ceramic that’s very very light blue and slight slight tan. I have more colors than I can handle but to recap there is black, tan and brown w the oak. Plan on a white trim? HELP! You know your colors to blend and I have so much respect!! Everything in my world is eclectic! Thank you in advance!!!

    1. Hi Leslie! For the trim, go with Pure White. It goes with everything. For the walls, it sounds like you want to lighten things up, since it is a small kitchen. If you go with a gray, I would try a greige like Agreeable Gray because it is still warm and not too dark. Rainwashed will definitely brighten up the place, and will go well with your other colors. Its truly a matter of preference! Think through whether you’d like a blue kitchen or a gray kitchen. A gray kitchen, with the other colors, is going to feel somewhat monochromatic. Everything will be black, tan or wood. A blue/green kitchen will look bright, and the shade will compliment the other colors instead of blending with them. I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice!

  24. Can you please help me!! I have Honey Oak stain Paneling in the living room. I need to replace my exterior door to the patio. Wood 15 lite door now. Those doors are so expensive so I’am thinking of a metal door. I was told its very hard to stain them so I would need to paint it. I just don’t know what color will go with. Can you help?

    1. Hi Lisa! Painting a metal door will be much easier than staining, I agree. Are you looking for a color, or a neutral? For a color, Rainwashed or In the Navy would be nice. For a neutral, Pure White is perfect for doors. Hope this helps! If you have a specific color in mind, such as yellow or green, I can help you narrow your choice. Let me know! 🙂

  25. Thank you for this helpful advice! I recently had my honey oak cabinets refinished by a local wood refinishing company and they did a great job, but the stain I chose for the cabinets didn’t quite go with the walls or the decor of the room. Rather than getting the cabinets refinished again, I decided to paint the walls in my kitchen with Sherwin William’s Balmy. I never would have picked this color if it weren’t for this post, but I’m so glad I did because it was the perfect color for my kitchen and I’m happy with the results!

    1. Glad you found a color you love, Sarah Ann!

  26. Kitchen rehab: We have honey oak cabinets and we’ve painted the walls aqua-blue, and they look awesome together. The cabinets cover ALOT of the wall space, and one side of the kitchen is a huge opening into the living room.. We will be painting a section of the base cabinets lime green as an accent.Is it crazy to want to paint the window trim and door trim lime green also? With beautiful wood cabinets, beautiful aqua-blue walls, and an 8 ft row of lime green base cabinets, where can we go with the baseboards , window trim, and crown molding? Would hate to stick with plain old white.

    1. Hi Louis! I’m glad you’re loving how your kitchen is turning out! Paint is completely a matter of preference. For me, lime green baseboards, window trim and crown molding would be way too loud. If you really want to go with a color on your trim instead of white, you may want to consider a black or dark gray paint shade. That will make your trim stand out without looking to eccentric. Plus, having only the one section of base cabinets painted in lime green will make them the focal point that really pops. Good luck!

  27. Hi, We have builder oak cabinets with the orange undertones, the counters are dark green granite and the backsplash is cream tile with veins of white tan and grey off white grout. The currentbwall xplir isba sage green. We want to freshen things up . we have more yellowy oak floor and white woodwork. Our living room which is right next to ot pony wall away is anew grey. We do get some east light.

    1. Hi Nicole! If you want to update the space, I love greiges with honey oak cabinets. Here is a post on the best greiges. It makes the space look so much more modern. Whites are also very in style, but I would stick to a white that doesn’t have yellow undertones. Incredible White and Alabaster are pretty. Both would go okay with Anew Gray. This post has colors that go with Anew Gray.

  28. Hi Lauren! I have a very dark kitchen and looking for advice. The cabinets are very dark espresso, granite is a kind of gold color with off white/shades of brown mixed in, and the floor is brown hardwood. I’m having trouble deciding on a back splash color AND paint color. Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Becky! It sounds like some light colors would really brighten your kitchen up! For the backsplash, a bluish green color would be nice, or a white with brown and gray shades throughout. I wouldn’t go with just brown shades, as its not the most in style look right now, but something with gray tones will make it look much more modern. For a paint color, I love the greige shades. They’re modern, go with everything, and will go with the brown. Here is a post on greige paint colors.

  29. Hi Lauren! We are remodeling our house that has golden oak cabinets in the kitchen and light gray tile floors with light blue and darker gray mixed in and the countertops will most likely be a shade of gray; our dining room has oak hardwoods and oak beadboard that leads into our living room that has light gray carpet. There is a 3/4 wall between LR and DR. I want to paint the kitchen in a light shade of blue like balmy, but I’m not sure what color for the DR and LR so that the rooms flow together without being to overpowering or too blah. These rooms do not get alot of light and do not have tall ceilings. HELP!

    1. Hi Melissa! Balmy is such a pretty shade. For the dining room, I would probably go with a lighter gray , as it’ll bring the gray from the countertops in the kitchen and the living room carpet through. Since you’re not going to have the paint color right up to the kitchen cabinets, you have a lot of options. Here is a post on gray paint colors (which are cooler) and another on greige paint colors (which are warmer). In the living room, shades of white are really in style. Alabaster is a best seller, as well as Creamy. My favorite shades for something that isn’t too blah or overpowering though are greige colors. Check out the link to see if there is one that stands out to you!

  30. For a medium Greige, do you think SW Requisite gray could work with the honey oak cabinets?

    1. Hi! Yes! Requisite Gray is typically a great greige for honey oak cabinets!

  31. Hi there,
    I have really dark oak cabinets with brown blinds fitted in my kitchen. Which color is the best for the walls? Don’t want the kitchen to be too dark.

    1. Hi Carla! I would recommend going with something light and airy. Healing Aloe (Benjamin Moore), Sea Salt, or Tradewind look nice with dark oak, and will lighten up the space. Or, go with a white color such as Steamed Milk or Alabaster. Happy painting!

  32. Hello,

    First, I love reading your posts and am learning a lot about paint colors. I am getting the interior of my house painted. I have an open floor plan on the main floor. I have honey oak cabinets in the Kitchen (I’d love to paint them white at some point in the future – maybe) and white subway tile backsplash and counter top. I have a massive stone fireplace with some grey and seems like hints of pink/tan here and there. I use crystal, brass and pink accent pieces. I also have oak furniture and wood floors. I am not a fan of dark colors and grey walls. What wall color do you suggest? White Floure? White Duck? I’d like to also paint an accent wall in my dining room bordering the oak cabinets and appreciate any suggestions. Tradewind? Icelandic? Balmy? My bathroom and bedroom have oak as well. I appreciate any suggestions for the bathroom and an accent wall in the bedroom. Oh, I have white trim through out the house.

    1. Hi Darla! Thanks so much for your nice comment! For your kitchen, I think White Flour might be a bit too orangey/yellow for your space. White Duck is very pretty, and could work nicely. For the accent wall, I LOVE all the colors you said, but I think that Tradewind might be a good bet. It is a good blue/green that looks nice with honey oak cabinets. In the bathroom, check out Tidewater or Watery. For the bedroom, I’m not sure what color the walls are, so I can’t say for an accent wall. But, I will say, I’m loving wallpaper accent walls right now! Good luck!

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